Webinários da semana (18/06/2012)

Publicado: 18 de junho de 2012 em Notícias, Webinários e Cursos
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Webinários da semana (18/06/2012)

19/06/2012 – High Performance, Low Latency Interconnect for AMBA 4 AXI4

Learn about new interconnect techniques that can be used to increase the effective performance of processors, reduce power consumption and relieve routing congestion. This webinar will demonstrate configuration of new features in the CoreLink™ NIC-400 Network Interconnect to show how QoS Virtual Networks can be used to prevent blocking and packetization used to thin down links as well as show results on performance enhancements and power reductions that can be achieved.



19/06/2012 – New Power Device Measurement Solutions (1500 A / 10 kV)

This web seminar will show new solutions and techniques from Agilent Technologies and Cascade Microtech that make high power device testing at currents and voltages up to 1500 A and 10 kV easier than ever before. Learn how you can safely and efficiently characterize both packaged and on-wafer power semiconductor devices with unprecedented speed and accuracy.

Agilent Technologies


19/06/2012 – Innovation with Purpose: Optimal MCU Solutions for Safety Critical Applications

Tuesday, June 19 – 11:00 AM PT / 02:00 PM ET

Join design experts from Texas Instruments and Avnet Electronics Marketing for an educational webinar that will explore the concept of functional safety and how it can be achieved by implementing Hercules ARM Safety MCUs in a wide array of designs.



19/06/2012 – A practical guide to USB 3.0 for Machine Vision Applications

  •  The fundamentals of USB 3.0’s architecture including how it’s improved over USB 2.0
  • The potential benefits of USB 3.0 to machine vision applications
  • How to get started using USB 3.0, including what components are needed and how USB 3.0 differs from other popular interfaces
  • A progress update on the upcoming USB3 vision standard

Point Grey Webinar June 2012


21/06/2012 – EMC Testing—An Overview of Technical Solutions

Today, with the growing number of electronic devices and wireless communication, the electromagnetic interference is of greater concern than ever. Thus, products must be tested to ensure each can survive, and to keep the electromagnetic interference below specified standards. EMC Testing is necessary to bring new products to market. But how is this testing accomplished, and what is involved in building a test solution? In this webinar we will give an overview of the testing methods and solutions involved in achieving this EMC testing.

EMC Testing—An Overview of Technical Solutions

A programação completa dos webinários, você encontra na seção de cursos e webinários.



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