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Os seminários da semana – CURSOS E SEMINÁRIOS:

05/09/2012 – Secure Transaction Applications from NXP

n this webinar, attendees will learn of NXP’s many solutions for secured transaction applications. They will learn about the different contactless cards and readers and how to choose the right one for their application. They will also learn about 3 different approaches to secured transactions using 3 different NXP ARM Cortex microcontrollers, from the low power LPC11Ux Cortex-M0 USB MCU to Cortex-M3 and M4 based solutions which add vibrant LCD graphics, with or without an on-chip LCD controller.



05/09/2012 – Tackling Design Challenges in Embedded Vision with Zynq-7000 All Programmable SoCs

Join Xilinx and iVeia in a presentation where they will tear down an iVeia embedded vision design showing how Zynq-7000 All Programmable SoCs have addressed their system challenges as well as design challenges from system architecture and hardware design to software development.



06/09/2012 – Building Privacy into Apps and Devices

Mobile devices are best defined by their ability to locate users more granularly and provide a new set of services and marketing messages. But, with this new additional capability, ensuring users trust application developers leveraging their location is critical to obtaining mass adoption of these new services. Privacy-by-design is a concept that ensures application developers consider these trust and compliance elements in their applications from the beginning. The regulatory, application platform and consumer awareness landscapes are evolving and ever changing and thus continued understanding of best practices in technology and privacy are essential in staying current with cutting edge products. Please join Carolyn Hodge, CMO at Locaid, and Kevin Trilli, VP of Product at TRUSTe, for this exclusive webinar, aimed at empowering mobile app developers.



06/09/2012 – CFD Multiphysics  Analysis

This Webinar will explore this special status with laminar, turbulent, and multiphase flow as it interacts with structures (through FSI), electromagnetics, heat and mass. We will conclude with a demonstration of how simple it is to simulate CFD interactions using COMSOL Multiphysics.

COMSOL Webinar


11/09/2012 – Bringing Desktop Graphics Techniques to Mobile ARM

This webinar examines how to get the most out of the ARM® Mali™ GPU, covering key tips and tricks used to obtain desktop level techniques used to implement desktop-level techniques for an in-house demo called ‘Timbuktu’. Attendees will walk away with an understanding of optimizations and techniques for both the OpenGL® ES 2.0 API and the recently released OpenGL ES 3.0 API standard from the Khronos™ Group. The presenter will also cover details on using vertex shading to simulate terrain, tessellation and also post-processing approximations of Bloom and Depth-o-Field effects. Additionally, learn how you can use the ARM DS-5™ tool chain to analyze performance of applications and optimize to give you an uncompromised visual experience.

ARM - Webinar


11/09/2012 – How to capture the hidden value within your engineering data

Customers demanding evermore functionality. Shorter market windows. Compliance demands. It’s more difficult than ever to create products that stand out among the competition, yet are still profitable. Next generation products require next generation development techniques, such as systems engineering, to leverage knowledge and drive innovation earlier in the development process. Most organizations actually have the engineering data required to make this happen, but simply can’t access it or make sense of it due to overwhelming complexity and lack of integrated views.



12/09/2012 – Precision basics: How not to be surprised by unexpected error sources

In this webinar, error sources of a few fundamental front end signal conditioning blocks are identified and hints for better practices are provided. Paying attention to these error sources and exercising these best practices prevents wasting money and speeds up the development time and time to market.

Analog Devices - Webinar


12/09/2012 – Designing for Portability: A How-To Guide for Engineers Designing a Battery Powered Product

Designing a battery powered product can be a daunting task. There is no text-book that explains the technology or industry and all its quirks. With the rapid adoption of portable power, the options available to a designer are changing rapidly and the Internet provides information that is often inconsistent, out of date, or misleading. In this webcast, you will get a how-to tutorial that provides the information you need to start your design.

Electronic Design


12/09/2012 – Aviation Thermal Management – Survivability of Mission Critical Electronic Components for Commercial and Military Aircraft

One of the challenges for Manned and Unmanned Aircraft Systems is the cooling of flight-critical avionics that must be maintained below a specific temperature for mission success. Extreme operational and survival temperature requirements, thermal cycling, the drive towards reduced avionics system volume, accelerations due to take-off and in-flight maneuvers, and the lack of effective heat sinks further exacerbate the problem.

Innovation in Action - Webinar


12/09/2012 – Webinar do World Tour do RAD Studio X3

Seu primeiro contato com o RAD Studio XE3 online para se preparar para desenvolver para Windows 8 e muito mais.  As novas versões do Delphi e do RAD Studio estarão disponíveis em breve. Esteja entre os primeiros a ver o que há de novo no Delphi XE3 e no RAD Studio XE3 – incluindo Delphi, C++Builder, Prism, InterBase e o novo HTML5 Builder, em um evento especial de lançamento. Inscreva-se no Webinar Online do World Tour do RAD Studio XE3 para o Brasil:

Webinar do World Tour do RAD Studio XE3 - Inscreva-se


13/09/2012 – Making Open Source projects work for the long haul

At the beginning of an Open Source Project, you often start with a solution, commercial or noncommercial, with a known quality level. Then you go about customizing it by adding patches for project specific components, specific peripherals, performance optimizations, power management optimizations, etc. Over the life span of your project it is hard to guarantee it will continue to function with the quality level of the original release.

Does your operating system still work with the patches that your team added? Will all the components work together when you perform an update or need to change a peripheral? Do you have a comprehensive test suite to ensure that your regression testing strategy is effective?

One possible solution is to utilize a third party company that has the testing expertise and experience that can easily integrate their knowledge and test assets into your software development process. This webinar will review the process flow required and explain the pros and cons of integrating an outside company into your Development Life Cycle.

Monta Vista - Webinar




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