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Publicado: 16 de outubro de 2012 em Notícias, Webinários e Cursos
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abaixo a relação dos principais eventos da quinzena.



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16/10/2012 – Enabling Supply Chain Course Corrections though Control Tower Capability

In today’s outsource-dominated global electronics industry, much of the value in an OEM brand owner’s operations is highly dependent on businesses outside of the company’s four walls—and increasingly outside their home region. With the volatility, complexity and uncertainty of market demand and the global economy, more comprehensive supply chain risk management is quickly becoming a major competitive differentiator. The lack of supply chain multi-tier visibility undoubtedly prevents our enterprise-wide capability of making course corrections when there are challenges in supply or changes in demand. Our ability to mitigate risk depends on supply chain partners proactively sharing key supply chain related data to enable proactive sensing and responding. With the competitive pressure on the supply chain, there is very little room for error.

Avnet - Webinar


16/10/2012 – GPU Computing for Rugged Applications

What You’ll Learn:

  • Attendees will learn about the most promising applications of GPU technology for rugged embedded computing applications
  • The most advanced and trusted providers of rugged GPU technologies
  • Software and programming issues
  • Standard and custom approaches and alternatives of GPU technologies for rugged embedded computing.

Military & Aerospace - Webinar


16/10/2012 – Introducing SmartFusion2 SoC FPGAs

During this webinar we will discuss the capabilities, features and usage of SmartFusion2 SoC FPGAs, including highest reliability, most secure, lowest power FPGA and up to 120K LUTs with 5Mbit SRAM and 4.5Mbit NVM. We will also discuss166 MHz ARM Cortex-M3 microprocessor with Instruction Cache, 5Gbps SERDES, PCIe, XAUI / XGXS+ Native SERDES and hard 667 mbps DDR2/3 controllers with SECDED.

Microsemi - Webinar


16/10/2012 – Synchronous Time and Frequency Domain Analysis of Embedded Systems

Embedded systems increasingly employ a combination of low speed serial, analog voltages and RF communications which are tightly synchronized in time. This session will discuss the background of performing time and frequency domain analysis on these systems with example measurements on a digitally controlled RF transmitter.

Rohde and Schwarz - Webinar


16/10/2012 – Critical elements to consider in choosing Strain Gauges

Join us in this informative webinar to help get you started with the key elements to consider when selecting strain gauges for your applications. Whether you are involved in stress analysis or sensor design, this free, 30-minute webinar will help guide you in the right direction when choosing strain gauges based on your application, environment and expected strain levels. In addition, you will gain a better understanding of the installation methods used and what you should consider before attempting to tackle this project yourself.



16/10/2012 – Functional Verification Webinar Series 2012

Join Cadence® verification experts for a series of technical webinars on the most relevant topics in functional verification. We’ll introduce you to the latest techniques, best practices, methodologies, and support services you need for developing and verifying your silicon designs—productively and profitably!


17/10/2012 – Designing for Field Instruments in Industrial Automation

This webinar will provide an overview of field instrumentation with a focus on specifics and trends in this market segment. Using a 4-20mA loop powered pressure transmitter as an example, the webcast will present details of system requirements, map them into the system architecture and circuit diagram, discuss the typical design challenges, and how today’s ICs provide solutions to those challenges.

Analog Devices


17/10/2012 – Enea Linux with LWRT: Real “Real-time” Linux for Next Generation Networking and Communications Systems

Enea Linux v2.0 is a hardened, commercial grade Linux based on specially selected Yocto ProjectTM packages for communication and networking needs customized for each customer. Many complex networking and communications applications place high demands on latency and determinism that Linux even with its real-time extensions cannot meet. Enea Linux with LWRT, Light-Weight RunTime environment, is the solution that secures the required real-time performance and behavior for such applications.

ENEA - Webinar


18/10/2012 – Designing Accessories for Smartphones and Tablets

As smartphone and tablet use increases, the opportunity for a wide range of accessories and App-based accessories (“appcessories”) is growing – and it’s more than just speaker docks. Learn about the latest trends, and the wide range of accessory solutions for iPod®, iPhone® and iPad® devices that are possible with Freescale MCUs, MPUs, sensors and analog products, including software and rapid prototyping systems.



18/10/2012 – Interface de Usuário com Maior Impacto: Introdução ás novas funções da biblioteca de touch TSS 3.0 

Funções de detecção de touch por microcontroladores: Introdução…

As novas funcionalidades da biblioteca Xtrinsic Touch-Sensing Software (TSS) 3.0 são desenhadas para agregar robustez á aplicação, assim como tornar a interface de usuário mais interessante.


  • Solução de touch com apenas um componente, reduzindo o custo e tamanho do sistema
  • Algoritmo de detecção de touch aperfeiçoado para reduzir deteção falsa, e baixo ruído elétrico.
  • Suportado por mais de 1000 microcontroladores de 8-bits e 32-bits da Freescale, como sensores de contato, incluindo ColdFire+ e Kinetis Licença de software gratuita com ferramentas de desenvolvimentos de baixo-custo.
  • Melhora a confiabilidade ao eliminar desgaste mecânico
  • Aumenta a vida útil do produto.

Alguma das funções que apresentaremos são:

  • Detecção de presença de água nas teclas touch
  • Decodificadores de posição linear e circular de alta resolução
  • Configuração automática e dinâmica da sensibilidade de touch

Freescale - Webinar


18/10/2012 – Low Power Video Processing for the Mobile SoC: How Analysis of HW-SW Partitioning Gets the Most from Embedded GPUs

In the highly competitive market for mobile devices, low power video processing is an important criterion for product success. Consumers of the latest smart phones, tablets, and cameras are looking for the best video experience with the least impact on battery life.

To address these challenges, system designers are replacing fixed graphics hardware with the programmability and parallel processing of the embedded multicore GPU, or graphics processing unit. This strategy offloads the main CPU and maps the most demanding video processing tasks to the efficient GPU subsystem.  But important questions remain: How many GPUs cores? Which software mapping provides the best result?

SoC architects can answer these questions early in the design process with solutions from Synopsys. In this webinar, you’ll see how Synopsys Platform Architect is used to efficiently explore and optimize the HW-SW partitioning and mapping of a real-time video encoding algorithm on to an example multicore SoC architecture for both performance and power



18/10/2012 – How to promote new & existing products through DataSheets.com

DataSheets.com is a website for design engineers and electronics purchasing professionals to easily find the electronics parts and inventory they need. During this webinar, guest presenter, Vineet Chaudhary of SiliconExpert Technologies and Hector Pino of UBM Electronics, will discuss the benefits of DataSheets.com and how to get up and running



22 a 26/10/2012 – 14º Semana de Tecnologia de Manutenção no SENAI



23/10/2012 – Squeezing high-end technologies into low-end infotainment systems

Today’s infotainment systems have it all—full multimedia, mobile device integration, POI-enabled navigation, speech recognition, high-resolution graphics, and cloud connectivity. The only problem is all of these features come with a big price tag.

Join Andy Gryc, automotive marketing manager, for this webinar on October 23 where he answers the question: Is it possible to build an infotainment system that meets today’s customer demands with yesterday’s price tag? A 50-minute session (plus Q&A), this webinar covers a number of techniques to help slim down your next infotainment’s BOM cost; it also suggests ways to target the luxury segment as well as the more cost-conscious, high-volume one with the same basic technology.



23/10/2012 – Advanced 3-D Imaging for Machine Vision Applications

What You’ll Learn:

  • The different types of 3-D sensors used in machine vision applications
  • The basic concepts, types of imagers used, resolutions and ranges that can be achieved, and the typical costs
  • About systems based on 3-D sensors, including single cameras mounted on robots, two- and three-camera systems, time of flight systems, and products that use fringe projection to capture 3-D images
  • How 3-D systems are used in applications such as service and industrial robotics, reverse engineering of products and packaging and palletizing.

Vision Systems Design - Webinar


23/10/2012 – Servo vs. Induction Motors: Which should be considered for what applications?

nduction motor-based systems, with appropriate design, can have servo-like performance at what can be a lower price point. Which should be considered for what applications? Are there areas where either might apply? Criteria will be provided for deciding between them. An exam and certificate are available for one professional development hour (PDHs), according to Registered Continuing Education Program rules (from the American Council of Engineering Companies).

Learning objectives for this webcast:

  • Overview and history of the motor technology landscape
  • Definition of terms (servos, induction motor based systems)
  • Differences between the two technologies: servos vs induction motor based systems
  • Relative pros and cons from the standpoint of applications and cost
  • Criteria for choosing between the two technologies
  • A broad list of applications and practical guidelines for choosing the right technology

Control Engineering - Webcast


23/10/2012 – Embarcadero Delphi Conference

O evento reunirá este ano 700 profissionais de TI que irão debater, oferecer soluções e trocar experiências sobre o desenvolvimento de sistemas. Você ainda tem chance de garantir a sua vaga entre esse time de feras. Mas corra, porque apenas 5% das inscrições para
o evento ainda estão disponíveis.

Além de todo o conhecimento e atualização técnica que você terá
com as dicas e truques de grandes profissionais brasileiros e de vislumbrar o futuro do desenvolvimento pelos olhos de líderes
mundiais da Embarcadero, você ainda terá direito a até 
30% de desconto*
 para a aquisição de licenças de produtos
da Embarcadero.

grade de palestras do evento está no ar: confira e faça já a sua inscrição! 



24/10/2012 – Streamlined Inspection through Portable Optic Measurement

Over the past 30 years, the development of portable measuring devices changed tremendously. This has brought inspection right into the production line and far from the comfort of metrology labs where qualified inspectors operate digital CMMs fitted with heavy, stable granite tables. In production environments, the operators’ varying experience and skills levels and permanent vibrations generated by production equipment are daily challenges.

This Webinar highlights how optical solutions bring in innovative concepts like self-positioning or dynamic referencing, which enable the measuring device to be continuously locked to the part through an optical link and generate higher accuracy. It also shows how innovative metrology software make it much easier for operators to deal with complex inspection workflows.

Creaform  Rapid Form


25/10/2012 – Boost Performance in Imaging and Networking Applications with SIMD Processing Engines

Imaging and Networking applications often demand high-performance SIMD signal processing capability, which may slow down the central processor or require a separate DSP. Freescale’s QorIQ T4240 processor delivers 192 GFLOPs of SIMD performance, with frequencies scaling up to 1.8 GHz, large caches, hardware acceleration and modern system peripherals.

Learn how to take advantage of 12 AltiVec units in a single device to obtain greater performance for your imaging and networking applications.

Freescale - Webinar


25/10/2012 – Making 3D Printed Parts “Real”

Since Stereolithography (SLA) was first introduced in the 1980’s, Rapid Prototyping (RP) technologies – now being called Additive Manufacturing (AM) technologies – have had a profound impact on the product design/development process across many industries. Objet offers a wide range of materials from rigid to flexible, high temperature and clear that allow engineers to replicate their CAD Design into a physical part. The advancement in technology not only allows for high detail accuracy but parts that simulate the “real thing”. This presentation from Dan Anderson (GreatBatch Medical) and Objet will explore the various applications and benefits associated with Objet technology.

Attendees will learn:

  • Objet Multi Material offering and common uses
  • Time and Cost saving opportunities using Polyjet technology
  • Example applications



   Aprenda com treinamentos em profundidade cobrindo uma ampla variedade de soluções da Freescale para os mercados de Consumo, Automotivo, Networking e Industrial.

Veja o catálogo completo das sessões!

Participando do evento, você concorrera a +20 Freedom Boards e +12 i.MX53 Quick Start Board, e você interagirá com mais de uma dúzia de soluções “prontas para o uso” da Freescale e de seus parceiros no Salão de Tecnologia do Evento.

As vagas são limitadas. Registre-se agora para DwF Market Solutions Seminar São Paulo!  



30/10/2012 – DisplayPort 1.2 Physical Layer Testing

As a display technology, DisplayPort has finding favor in industry which is evidenced by its newer embedded and mobile variants. DisplayPort enables a dynamic link between data source and the target display to optimize link in terms of power consumption and bit error rate and is the reason for its comprehensive test regimen. This presentation will briefly review the displayport interface and then dive into the requirements for physical layer testing from device control and fixturing, to the measurement device. Compliance testing is emphasized but testing for characterization will also be discussed.


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