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Publicado: 13 de novembro de 2012 em Webinários e Cursos
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13/11/2012 – Carrier aggregation—(one) key enabler for LTE-Advanced

This webinar focuses on carrier aggregation, the feature that is most in demand within the LTE-Advanced feature set. It also outlines how carrier aggregation is supported by leading test and measurement solutions for LTE and LTE-Advanced from Rohde & Schwarz.

Rohde and Schwarz


13/11/2012 – Integrating Vision into Factory Automation Applications

In this webcast, David Dechow, President of Aptura Machine Vision Solutions, will describe methods and techniques that allow machine-vision systems to be integrated into automated industrial applications. His presentation will show you how to properly select lighting, optics, and cameras, I/O components, robotics and motion control systems to perform such tasks.

Dalsa Cognex Point Grey


13/11/2012 – SpaceClaim: 3D for the Lazy Engineer

For ages, engineers have been fending off accusations of laziness. Of course, the best engineers know that overdesign is wasteful, and the optimal result comes from designing to the right tolerance. What is often falsely perceived as laziness can actually be good engineering.

Not only is this “lazy” philosophy important with the products we make, it’s also important with our processes. One of the worst contributors of waste is overdesigning the CAD models and remodeling data that already exists.

SpaceClaim lets you be a smart engineer by being a lazy engineer. It works with all sorts of 2D and 3D data to create new geometry without the waste.



14/11/2012 – Designing for Vital Sign Monitoring

This webcast will provide a detailed analysis of how to design for measuring ECG / Heart Rate for both patient monitoring and sports and fitness applications.. A primer will be given on the different topologies for cardiac monitoring followed by a deep dive on the architecture of the AD8232 and then a system level perspective of how it can be used in the various health and sports and fitness applications. A walk through on a new filter tool that will assist in the design of the AD8232 filters will also be provided

Analog Devices


14/11/2012 – Wideband Complex Modulation Analysis Using a Real-Time Digital Demodulator

Wide bandwidth modulation is becoming more common in communications. The emergence of standards such as the 802.11ac has extended the modulation bandwidth to 160 MHz which requires very wide band measurement equipment to measure. This session will present the details of a measurement method that uses a real time digital down converter and post processing software that measures the performance of this signal.

Rohde and Schwarz


15/11/2012 – Sensibly Connected: Frameworks Simplify Distributed Systems from Chassis to Cloud and Beyond

Developing software solutions that run on all these types of distributed systems is greatly simplified by taking advantage of various off-the-shelf frameworks. A messaging framework simplifies writing connected yet independent applications. A debug and trace framework simplifies the troubleshooting and characterization of distributed solutions, and a management framework simplifies the configuration and monitoring of the system.



15/11/2012 – High Performance Films and Laminates in Today’s Vehicles

The electronic content in automotive vehicles has developed considerably over the years, improving passenger safety and comfort while reducing fuel consumption.
The DuPont Circuit & Packaging Materials business has developed and now manufactures a variety of high performance films (Kapton® polyimide films), laminates (Pyralux® copper / polyimide laminates) and thermal management laminates (CooLam® copper / polyimide / metal substrates) to meet the demanding needs of the automotive industry. This Webinar will cover the product and technical capabilities of these products used in automotive applications.



15/11/2012 – Understand and solve the fundamental technical and practical challenges of LED lighting

What you will learn:

  •  The technical challenges of working with LED lighting
  • There are unique and important aspects of LEDs in terms of light output, color quality, and longevity that every industry participant must grasp.
  • LEDs offer the potential of application-specific features that can prove optimal in specific markets ranging from retail to commercial to hospitality to museums.

LEDs Magazine


19/11/2012 – Electronics Solutions for Automotive Design

The percentage of electronics within even the most basic of vehicles has reached an unprecedented high point, and there’s no end in sight. Jeff Owens, Chief Technology Officer at Delphi Automotive, joins Design News Senior Editor Chuck Murray to look at the state of the art in automotive design. Join us live November 19th. Register now!



20/11/2012 – Don’t Get Hacked: Network Security

f you’re designing a network for a corporate intranet, or for a factory floor, or for inventory control, you had better be sure that you stay one step ahead of the hackers. How do you do that? Eric J. Byres, CTO and VP Engineering of Tofino Security, joins Design News’ Rob Spiegel to explore ways you can stay ahead of the hackers. Sign up now!



22/11/2012 – 3º Workshop RFID & NFC



28/11/2012 – Meeting your FDA design control needs with requirements and change management

For most medical device companies, the design control requirements of the FDA, as defined in 21 CFR Part 820, are fundamental to the business of developing products. The challenge is how to ensure that you remain compliant to these regulatory needs while reducing the overhead in doing so. Ideally, you want to make compliance just part of “how we do business around here”, and, in effect, invisible to the practitioners. This webcast will discuss approaches to make that possible.

The major theme in compliance with 21 CFR 820 is design compliance, making sure that what your build matches the user needs. We will show the careful use of requirements management approaches, applied to all work products, greatly improves your ability to do that, and, most importantly, to show that you have done it. Implicit in this is the need to manage changes, to requirements and other work products, in such a way that design compliance is maintained. We will also discuss how this can be done.



29/11/2012 – NI Automotive day

Serão apresentadas soluções para os grandes desafios da indústria automotiva, como por exemplo, data-logging embarcado em veículo, simulações hardware-in-the-loop, teste de veículos elétricos, teste em tempo real, prototipagem rápida, análise de combustão, teste de infotenimento, sessões práticas, estudos de caso da indústria, entre diversos outros assuntos do segmento.



04/12/2012 – A Day in the Life of Developing a Pre-Integrated EtherCAT® Programmable Logic Controller 

Controlling the factory floor efficiently and securely has never been more important. However, design engineers typically have to worry about combining disparate parts and subsystems to get a controller-long before they can even get to their application. Freescale, QNX, ISaGRAF and KPA have developed a solution using a modular approach which produced their Programmable Logic Controller reference platform.

Based on Freescale’s QorIQ P1025 Tower module and QNX Neutrino® RTOS, the platform incorporates KPA EtherCAT® Master with ISaGRAF Workbench, featuring components that have already been verified in a solution that provides for easy migration. The result is a reference platform that allows designers to hit the ground running at the application stage, speeding time to market. Attend this webinar to learn more about how Freescale, QNX, ISaGRAF and KPA collaborated to find the problems and develop a solution that features key interfaces and is easy to port and integrate.

Freescale  QNX


05 e 06/12/2012 Curso EasyBuilder e 07/12/2012 – Avançado


Câmeras COGNEX In-Sight

  • Ferramentas de posicionamento
  • Ferramentas de contagem
  • Leitura de caracteres, códigos 1D e 2D
  • Medidas e ferramentas de matemática
  • Ferramentas de identificação
  • Noções de filtros de imagem


Configuração de I/O digital

Noções de drivers de comunicação
Ótica e iluminação

Fatores que influenciam na imagem
Tipos de lentes
Tipos de iluminações
Tipos de filtros



·        Ferramentas de bordas
·        Ferramentas de Blob
·        Ferramentas de Padrão
·        Ferramentas de Histograma
·        Ferramentas de Leitura (OCR/OCV, Datamatrix, Código de barras)
·        Lógicas (If, InRange, Not, And)
·        Funções (Choose, ListBox)





06/12/2012 – Aquisição de dados (DAQ) com LabVIEW parte 2

Neste seminário on-line você aprenderá os principais conceitos de aquisição de dados e condicionamento de sinal, os quais poderá utilizar em suas específicas aplicações. Os conceitos ensinados neste treinamento vão desde o sensor até o processamento pelo computador, além de abordar diversos fundamentos importantes, como por exemplo, entrada analógica, saída analógica, entrada/saída digital, contadores, sincronização e requisitos de software e hardware para realizar a aquisição de dados com confiabilidade. Ao final do treinamento, os participantes estarão aptos a desenvolver aplicações básicas de aquisição de dados, além de adquirirem conhecimento dos passos necessários para realizar com precisão e confiabilidade.

National Instruments - http://www.ni.com/

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