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consulte sempre um engenheiro eletrônico


28/01/2013 – Using Multicore and Virtualization for secure, robust medical devices

Multicore and virtualization techniques are being applied across the embedded industry as a way to compartmentalize, gain performance, and increase capabilities of embedded devices. Medical devices must ensure security, reliability, and provide quick response and ease-of-use for patient care and emergency situation. Join us as our presenters will show how applying the latest in multicore and virtualization technologies can enable safer, more secure, and more reliable medical devices.

OpenSystems Media


29/01/2013 – Smart Energy – Intelligent Electronic Devices

Smart energy starts before the grid, and continues all the way down to the consumer. Being able to pull just what’s needed from the grid, and maybe even return some energy, is the goal. To achieve that goal, designers are tasked with developing more energy efficient and smarter end products. Register today!

Freescale / Future


30/01/2013 – Learn Why you Need to Utilize Integrated 3D Scan and CAD Design to Improve your ROI

What if you could have full 3D scanning, CAD modeling, assemblies, drawings and rendering capabilities integrated into a single package? Geomagic Spark is a dynamic new scan-to-CAD platform that allows users to quickly design in 3D from scans of actual objects. Geomagic’s powerful integrated tool leverages an intuitive user interface and direct modeling capabilities to make design more accessible across organizations, bring products to market quicker, and facilitate collaboration.



31/01/2013 – Accelerating Embedded Software Development for Renesas RH850 Microcontroller 

The webinar will provide developers an introduction to the concepts of virtual prototyping and their application to the Renesas RH850 MCU family through the Renesas Velocity Lab and the Synopsys VDK for Renesas RH850 MCU.



31/01/2013 – LPC800: Enhance your 8-bit application with 32-bit possibilities

This webinar will provide a technical overview of the LPC800, explaining the key benefits of the flexible architecture and easy-to-use peripherals.

NXP Semiconductors


31/01/2013 – What you can do with a Digital Signal Controller

Attendees will walk away with an understanding of how to use a Digital Signal Controller along with a DSP Library to address emerging applications that require some digital signal processing, but where a dedicated DSP chip is not the best overall solution.

Renesas Electronics


01/02/2013 – a partir dessa data – HANDS ON – LINUX EMBARCADO – FOCADO NA PLACA BEAGLE BONE – ON LINE

Oferecido pela TechTraining.

ON LINE=====================================================

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Anacom Academy - Calendário 2013

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