Treinamentos da semana – 12/03/2013

Publicado: 12 de março de 2013 em Webinários e Cursos
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12/03/2013 – Benefits of the USB3 Vision Standard

What You’ll Learn:

  • What the USB3 Vision standard covers and why it is important
  • Technical details and specifications critical for vision systems design
  • The impact these improvements have on applications
  • How vision systems designers can leverage the interface’s advantages

Lumera / Point Grey


13/03/2013 – Low Power Smart Transmitters Design

In this webcast we will explore some of the key trends in modern field instrument design, the most complex of which are high performance, low power and increased diagnostic capabilities. We will examine the power consumption challenges of loop-powered smart transmitters. Finally it will give an example of a full signal chain solution that has been developed by Analog Devices and registered by the HART Communication Foundation.

Analog Devices


13/03/2013 – Advanced Motor Control: MCU Considerations

Are you choosing the right microcontroller for the task? Is your microcontroller power hungry? Do you really need those additional MIPS? Does the floating point math simplify the design? Today, there are a myriad of choices, but thinking ahead allows you to get the biggest bang for the buck.

Renesas Electronics


14/03/2013 – Designing with FinFETs

FinFETs are emerging as the device of choice for 22-nm process nodes and beyond. They alleviate the leakage and the short channel bottlenecks seen in planar technologies, but they also introduce new design challenges for IP development, which require knowledge of and experience in designing with FinFETs to ensure design success. This webinar addresses the benefits and challenges of transitioning from planar to FinFET technologies and their implications for IP design.



14/03/2013 – Wireless Industrial Applications

Year after year, updates in industrial wireless technologies are among most popular Control Engineering articles and Webcasts. Experts will provide expert assessments of industrial wireless projects and lessons learned. An exam and certificate are available for one professional development hour (PDH), according to Registered Continuing Education Program rules (from the American Council of Engineering Companies).

Learning objectives for this industrial wireless webcast are to understand:
• Overview of industrial wireless technologies (ISA100, HART Wireless, WiFi, WiMax), including economics and how to develop a new engineering mindset
• Engineering decision criteria, including essential requirements and desired requirements
• Need for a long-term wireless strategy
• Specifications downfalls when evaluating radio aspects of the technology
• Rapid prototyping of wireless sensors in an industrial environment
• Define best practices to RF design in complex/harsh RF (radio frequency) environments, such as manufacturing/industrial/power generation facilities
• Review real examples of wireless sensor deployments in industrial environments for workforce efficiency and condition-based monitoring.

ADV moxa CTL


14/03/2013 – Power Module on Single IC: Save Board Space, Reduce Design Time and Lower Costs for your Point of Load Power Supply

If your FPGA, DSP or ASIC designs requires a power solution to deliver high output power, or if you have a critical space constraint in your POL power supply, then please join Tim Lok for a 30 min webinar to learn more about how Intersil’s power modules may be a good fit for your system. This webinar will introduce Intersil’s highly integrated encapsulated DC-DC power modules, with a strong focus on our newest product, the ISL8225M, which offers the industry’s highest output current 30A in a single IC package. Two lucky attendees of the live webinar will receive a free ISL8225M evaluation board in a random drawing that will be held after the webinar has ended.



14/03/2013 – Accelerating their Software Delivery Process: Brocade’s 3-day Success Story

Brocade’s code has more than doubled in size as a normal part of business to deliver top-notch solutions. Their solutions are used in 90% of Global 1,000 data centers as well as in enterprise LANs and the largest service provider networks

Electric Cloud


14/03/2013 – Commercialized High Performance Computing: Keys to determining the right cost/performance mix

High Performance Computing (HPC) brings to mind massively parallel systems that spare no expense. But today there is a very large HPC application space where computational performance must be balanced against cost to make a sound business case for real-world use. Advancements in processor and system technologies are advancing “business-optimized HPC” applications in areas like manufacturing, aerospace, and automotive. In addition, university research centers are also making use of these same technologies so their research is more adaptable to business application.

Dell / AMD


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