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Publicado: 8 de abril de 2013 em Webinários e Cursos
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abaixo os treinamentos disponíveis para essa semana.



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09/04/2013 – Overcome High Speed Digital Design Challenges: Part 3 – What on Earth is Jitter Amplification, and Why Should I Care?  

High speed digital chip-to-chip link performance is often limited by jitter in the multigigabit per second regime. It is a surprising fact that jitter can actually be amplified by a lossy channel even when the channel is linear, passive, and noiseless. In this webcast we will cover the basics of jitter amplification and show you how to accurately analysis the effect in your system using ADS Channel Simulator.



09/04/2013 – Vision for Networked Security and Surveillance Systems

What You’ll Learn:

  • What components are important for networked security and surveillance systems, and how these differ from those geared to machine vision applications
  • Technology options that systems integrators need to understand
  • How various elements are deployed in systems for such applications as traffic monitoring and aerial surveillance
  • How systems should be configured, using real-world examples for reference

Vision Systems Design


10/04/2013 – Solving the Elusive Baseband to Antenna Problem using RFDAC Technology

Aspects of direct to RF transmitter system design will be explored including gain, signal bandwidth, digital signal processing requirements, frequency planning, thermal noise, clock synthesis + phase noise, harmonics, sampling images, pre-distortion techniques and deterministic latency. As RFDACs continue to be developed, they represent a disruptive technology that delivers extremely wide bandwidth RF signals direct from digital to RF. This technology will continue to change the way RF transmitters are built going forward. ADI is an innovator and market leader in this space.

Analog Devices


10/04/2013 – Changing the Face of Industrial HMI

Recently, industrial HMI has undergone significant technological developments. Wide-screen and multi-touch innovations will not only change the face of traditional HMIs but also enable HMIs to be used in an increasingly diverse range of markets. Through this webcast participants will learn about the benefits and possible issues of the next generation HMIs; emerging opportunities and how they’ll affect different parts of the industry. Ideas will be presented from a leading editor, an HMI platform provider, and an end user so that you can get a clear picture of what the new face of industrial HMI looks like and how you can take advantage of the new developments.



10/04/2013 – Rapid Development and Deployment of Highly Efficient, Three Phase Motor and Motion Control Systems Featuring InstaSPIN

Learn about cutting edge motor control solutions and how they can revolutionize your application. Even those with limited motor control experience will learn to identify, tune and fully control any type of three-phase, variable speed, sensorless, synchronous or asynchronous motor control system in just minutes. The experience builds on InstaSPIN and new control methods, which provide robust control across dynamic speed and load ranges of the system and significantly slashes setup time by replacing hard-to-tune PID controllers with simple, single-parameter tuning. Ideal for applications that require accurate speed control, minimal disturbance, and undergo multiple state transitions or experience dynamic changes.

What attendees will learn:

  • Identify, auto tune, and achieve full sensorless field oriented torque control within minutes
  • Eliminate the need for rotor sensors / encoders / resolvers for any three phase synchronous or asynchronous variable speed motors
  • Enable a robust speed controller, add movements, and incorporate into a state based motion plan
  • Silicon, software and tools for success

Arrow Electronics


11/04/2013 – Conferência Tecnológica sobre Projeto Gráfico de Sistemas – NI Days

O NIDays, principal evento organizado pela National Instruments, é uma conferência voltada ao desenvolvimento profissional, onde centenas de engenheiros, cientistas e educadores se encontram para atualizarem seus conhecimentos, fazer contatos e discutir suas aplicações.

Reunindo alguns dos maiores especialistas em Projeto Gráfico de Sistemas, o NI Days propõe uma imersão nesse vibrante ecossistema,onde você poderá se atualizar com as últimas novidades de uma tecnologia em acelerado desenvolvimento, analisar estudos de caso e aplicações práticas, conversar com especialistas e descobrir novos clientes, fornecedores e parceiros.

Você também poderá realizar um treinamento preparatório e inscrever-se gratuitamente para o CLAD (Certified LabVIEW Associate Developer).



11/04/2013 – Power Designs for MCU controlled, Low-power Portable, Industrial and Metering Applications

Battery efficiency is a major focus for portable electronics where battery life is a premium. All of the portable devices use DC-DC conversion to get the required voltage for the components used in their designs. These components typically consist of MCUs, ASICs, display drivers and memory, which require different voltage levels and also have different current consumption requirements. In addition, these components have varying load profiles and are expected to use the battery charge very efficiently over a long period of time. Conflicting power conversion requirements in portable designs need careful analysis of the available analog and digital loop techniques and an understanding of currently available device technologies for efficiency optimization.



12/04/2013 – Wireless Power Utilizando bq500210 e bq51013

Overview: Wireless Power é um tema novo em fontes que visa aumentar a mobilidade de produtos portáteis. Imagine carregar telefones celulares sem fios, ou desenvolver bolas de basquete inteligentes. Os componentes da Texas Instruments bq500210 e bq51013 são um transmissor e receptor, respectivamente, para aplicações de Wireless Power. Pretende-se neste webcast introduzir estes componentes e exemplificar um projeto utilizando-os.

Texas Instruments

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