Treinamentos da semana – 20/05/2013

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22/05/2013 – Making Linux VDI a reality

VDI allows programs, applications, processes and data from remote PCs to be stored and managed from a central location. The result is reduced costs, improved productivity, enhanced security and more. And while VDI vendors have been slow to provide support for Linux, as a major player on enterprise desktops, it is no longer acceptable. It’s time to make VDI work for all. Discover the keys to a successful Linux VDI implementation and see how a branch of the US Department of Defense is using VDI to support Linux desktops in distributed branch offices while maintaining security control.

Making Linux VDi a RealityA Case Study


22/05/2013 – What is a “Wide Dynamic Range” Microphone and why does it matter to my design?

MEMS microphones with the capability to capture very high sound pressure acoustic waves (loud noises) with high fidelity hold the potential not only to improve user experience in audio capture, but also make acoustic detection viable for a range of applications that might have previously been unsuitable for such methods. Coupling high SPL performance with a low noise floor (expressed by high SNR) yields microphones with a very wide dynamic range. Such wide dynamic range microphones are particularly compelling when considered alongside the benefits of MEMS technology. We will discuss specific design considerations for such wide dynamic range microphones and the various applications that might benefit from such high performance.

Analog Devices Arrow


22/05/2013 – State-of-the-art high speed imaging

What You’ll Learn:

  • What differentiates high-speed imaging from other computer vision technologies, and what new developments are facilitating high-speed camera development
  • Recent innovations in sensors, image manipulation, synchronization, active shuttering and digital streaming, and post-acquisition processing for movement and motion analysis
  • The broad range of applications to which high-speed imaging is relevant
  • The impact of technological advances, including new applications now possible

Teledyne Dalsa Epix


22/05/2013 – Productivity versus Security: The Linux Virtual Desktop Debate

Virtual Desktops allow machines to be accessible anywhere, anytime and also enable machines to be managed from a centralized location. The benefits are reduced costs and improved productivity.

While Linux is spreading quickly for many advanced enterprise and embedded applications, Virtual Desktop support for Linux has been lagging. The primary reason being security and authentication concerns.

Is it possible to incorporate VDI and maintain or even increase security for Linux systems? Find out by attending this event detailing a case study involving the US Department of Defense and how they utilize Linux VDI for their distributed Linux systems while maintaining and even increasing the level of security for their systems.

Virtual Bridges


23/05/2013 – Tear down and analysis of LED retorfit lamps and examination of optimum approaches to SSL

What You’ll Learn:

  • Understand the product design challenge of developing LED-based integral lamps that present electrical, optical, and thermal challenges.
  • Learn how to evaluate LED lamp performance and about the critical performance and operational criteria that can influence the specification process.
  • Consider the broadly divergent approaches the lamp architecture that different companies have pursued while striving to achieve the same goal – the functional equivalence of the incandescent lamp.
  • Gain insight from industry visionary Steve Paolini’s hands-on work with LED lamps from well-known manufacturers.

LEDs Magazine


23/05/2013 – Show Break Seminars Health Care

Show Break Seminars Health Care






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