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23/07/2013 – Embedded Edge Intelligence and Rapid Application Development Tools Transform M2M Solution Delivery

Machine-to-Machine (M2M) communications strategies and cloud computing are transforming industrial interconnects from an assortment of fragmented, proprietary technologies to open standards easily integrated into new designs. The combination of Edge intelligence, M2M cloud platforms, and rapid application development tools are enabling greater solution flexibility and faster time to market. In this webcast you will learn how M2M technology allows companies to rapidly deliver M2M solutions to contain costs, improve security, enable remote management, and maximize system availability.



23/07/2013 – Predict and Avert: Using Log File Data to Prevent Cybersecurity and Fraud Attacks in Real Time

The growth of unknown, persistent, targeted and adaptive threats represents a new and real challenge for existing enterprise IT and security intelligence systems. Many organizations do not have the visibility across their technology and business silos, and therefore despite their existing security protection infrastructure, are unable to detect these difficult to detect attacks. Existing SIEM and signature- based tools such as firewalls, antivirus tools and intrusion detection are no longer effective.

This Webcast presents how real-time operational intelligence from log data can be scaled to handle the extreme data collection and continuous pattern recognition requirements for today’s advanced security threats.

In this webinar, participants will gain valuable insights into:

  • the nature and impact of today’s sophisticated cybersecurity attacks,
  • extracting the value of your log data in real-time,
  • the power of operational intelligence to automate preventative actions,
  • industry case studies for cybersecurity, fraud and identity theft monitoring.

Have you heard it all?

23/07/2013 – Addressing the Varying Requirements of the Wireless Market using a Scalable Multi-core Architecture

With the rapidly growing demand for increased data rates, operators are forced to quickly upgrade their networks to support advanced wireless standards including: HSPA+, LTE and LTE-Advanced. Traditionally, operators built their wireless networks around conventional Macro base stations architectures. In order to deliver a high quality mobile broadband service operators are now deploying Heterogeneous Network (HetNet) architectures based on wide range of cells from Small-Cells (Pico, Metro, Micro) all the way up to Macro base stations and Cloud-RAN. This evolving base station topology forces substantial challenge upon equipment manufactures to offer wireless broadband devices offering ease of scalability, varying use cases support and high sensitivity to cost and power consumption. Modern Wireless solutions are now built using advanced multi-core architectures delivering the required performance at an economic manner.



23/07/2013 – Security Fundamentals 3: Secure Authentication in Embedded Systems

Secure Authenticator ICs are used to provide cryptographic protection and control capabilities to various embedded applications. Common uses include counterfeit prevention, usage control, system feature setting, and reference design license management. This webinar will take participants through the cryptographic fundamentals of secure authentication, review the security algorithm types and tradeoffs, discuss security attack threats and associated IC-level protection methods, an end application scenario, and overview of Maxim’s latest DeepCover® Secure Authentication products.



23/07/2013 -Leveraging Highly Complex Product Design And Development within MilAero 

Outsourcing, especially of printed circuit board assemblies, is a common realization throughout the Military and Aerospace industry. Becoming even more common is the expansion of higher level sub-assemblies and assemblies – either as components or as new product introductions (NPI’s) in their entirety. How are organizations managing the increasing complexity, especially with their outsourced design and manufacturing partners? What skills and expertise prove to be “common core” that can be demonstrated for full scale production.

Sparton Corporation, as a premier partner in the design and manufacture of highly complex electromechanical devices, leverages our working knowledge and expertise developed for the production of sonobuoys for the U.S. Navy. A common core capability that speaks volumes for the model that can work for other devices, and our work with component manufacturers.

What You’ll Learn:

  • How are organizations managing the increasing complexity, especially with their outsourced design and manufacturing partners?
  • What skills and expertise prove to be “common core” that can be demonstrated for full scale production?



24/07/2013 – Building Rugged, Reliable Ethernet Networks Using Fiber

Since the inception of fiber optics, used to transmit data from one point to another in the early 1990s, fiber became an important type of connection for networks. Over the years, fiber optics has evolved into offering not only Single Mode and Multi Mode fiber, but Single Strand Fiber and CWDM, which both revolutionized the industry. New form factors of the widely adopted SFP and now XFP, SFP+ continue to provide new solutions for fiber optic-based networks. In this webinar from B&B Electronics’ Connectivity College, Shane Duffy will cover the elements of fiber optics and how beneficial it is for networks.

  • Why fiber is important today in the world of Ethernet networks
  • Fiber types and connectors
  • Media conversion vs mode conversion in networks
  • When to choose ruggedized or Industrial Ethernet (IE) fiber optic network devices for environs outside of a controlled environment

Join him for a working session on making the best decisions for your network.

What attendees will learn:

  • Key tradeoffs between Multi Mode or Single Mode fiber and when to deploy each
  • What types of network devices offer fiber and the “new” form factors
  • The difference between Industrial Ethernet (IE) network devices and ruggedized network devices
  • When to install managed fiber devices

B7B Connectivity College


25/07/2013 – Introduction to Infineon’s Superjunction Families: CoolMOS™ – the perfect fit for your Switch Mode Power Supply (SMPS) application

This webinar will provide an overview and introduction to different Superjunction families with special focus on Low Power and High Power SMPS. Learn more about Infineon’s solutions for reaching highest efficiency in your application.



25/07/2013 – Programe e Compile aplicações através da Nuvem com o Arrow Cloud Connect e o Kinetis L… »   

Eficiência ao máximo. Alto desempenho com baixo consumo de energia e baixo custo…

O Cloud Connect da Arrow é uma ferramento online de uso livre para a construção de aplicações orientada ao mundo “Internet of Things” sobre uma plataforma ARM Cortex M0+. Também poderá se conectar á nuvem iDigi através de um gateway de software, contemplando uma capacidade instantânea de detecção e envio de dados por vários pontos. Te convidamos a assistir este vídeo de introdução ao Arrow Cloud Connect.

Neste seminário explicaremos sobre o funcionamento desta ferramenta e faremos alguns exercícios práticos para inicializar nossas aplicações.

Aprenda mais sobre a série Kinetis L. Le convidamos a baixar os seguintes webcasts:

Nova família de MCUs Cortex M0+ de baixo-consumo de energia e alta-perfomance
Desenvolvendo aplicações com o Kinetis L e MQX Lite usando Processor Expert
Aumente o poder de suas protótipos utilizando Shields Arduino com a Freedom Board



25/07/2013 – How to Accelerate Debug Cycles in Your FPGA Design with Microsemi’s Unique Built-in Debug Architecture

This webinar will provide insight into how Microsemi has integrated circuitry into the silicon that gives you the tools to quickly identify issues in your FPGA design. We will present SmartDebug, introduced in our latest Libero® SoC v11.0 software, which is the interface to access the new debug capabilities such as Live Probe and Active Probe.



25/07/2013 – Accelerate DSP Design Development: Tailored Flows

Learn how to achieve better Digital Signal Processing (DSP) design productivity using Aldec’s integrated design flows, enabled by a number of unique technologies, features, and industry partnerships available within Aldec Riviera-PRO™ design and verification platform.
You will learn about the essential and innovative features in the RTL simulation environment that are important to signal processing:
  • Model-based design flow integration
  • Floating-point aware RTL debugging tools
  • Plot-based data visualization
  • Full support for FPGA silicon vendors



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