Novo curso: “C and Assembly Language: What Are They Good For?”

Caro(a) Colega,

aproveite a oportunidade de participar de um mini curso sobre C and Assembly Language: What Are They Good For? oferecido gratuitamente pelo Digi-Key Continuing Education Center, com a seguinte programação:

 This Track will highlight some of the key characteristics of both “C” and Assembly languages, the most popular languages for programming MCUs. It will explain programming ‘paradigms’ or the way a designer thinks about an algorithm, when using a specific language. Topics covered will include: MCU architecture; mapping of languages into machine code; code optimization and stupid compiler tricks; stacks and register files; memory management; interrupts and low-power operation; user interfaces; and computational intensive processing. The class is appropriate for both hardware and software designers.

The Track features lecturer Warren Miller who has in-depth experience of programmable devices (PLDs, FPGAs, MCUs, and ASICs) in industrial, networking, and consumer applications and holds several device patents. Warren has authored more than 100 conference papers, whitepapers, application notes, and magazine articles on a wide variety of topics.

Courses include:

  • July 29 | Day 1 – An Introduction to MCU Architecture
  • July 30 | Day 2 – An MCU as a Software Target
  • July 31 | Day 3 – Assembly Language for MCUs
  • August 1 | Day 4 – ‘C’ for MCUs
  • August 2 | Day 5 – Assembly vs ‘C’ Fight Club

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