Curso rápido sobre motores CC com escova

Caro(a) Colega,

na semana que vem começo um novo curso sobre Motores de corrente contínua com escovas. Nos encontramos lá.



consulte sempre um engenheiro eletrônico


12 a 16/2013 –  Introduction to Brush DC Motor Control

Brush DC motors are ubiquitous in moving systems from complex robotics to simple fans. This course presents key concepts for microcontroller operation of a DC brush motor. We’ll discuss DC brush motor types, pulse-width modulation control, and energy-delivery circuitry such as the H-bridge, solid state devices and heating effects, as well as PID system control concepts. This course will provide a fast-paced review of modern brush motor controller design.

The Track features lecturer Paul Nickelsberg, the President and Chief Technical Officer of Orchid Technologies Engineering & Consulting Inc. Mr. Nickelsberg has over 30 years experience as a technical innovator and problem solver. He also has participated in the design of medical products in the areas of cardiology, video imaging, x-ray imaging, MRI-imaging, fluoroscopic drug discovery, forced hot-air patient warming devices, and urology.

Courses include:

  • August 12 | Day 1 – The Brush DC Motor – an Overview
  • August 13 | Day 2 – Brush DC Motors – Making Them Go
  • August 14 | Day 3 – Brush DC Motors – Keeping Them Cool
  • August 15 | Day 4 – Brush DC Motors – Making Them Stop
  • August 16 | Day 5 – Brush DC Motors – Making Them Do Cool Things

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