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22/08/2013 a 12/09/2013 – Inovar-Auto: Soluções para os desafios do Inovar-Auto

Nesta série de seminários online gratuitos serão apresentados os desafios e as soluções para desenvolver projetos de acordo com o novo programa de incentivo à inovação local, onde diversas empresas do setor poderão se beneficiar de incentivos fiscais para investimentos em tecnologia, desde que cumpram metas de redução de emissões, eficiência energética, aumento da segurança veicular, além de investimentos em mão-de-obra e pesquisa e desenvolvimento local.

National Instruments - http://www.ni.com/


27/08/2013 – M-PCIe: Utilizing Low-Power PCI Express in Mobile Designs

This advanced technical webinar will begin with a quick overview of the specification and its application space, and then go into details, differences and considerations for bandwidth and clocking, the PHY interface, power management, and the tradeoffs related to choices around link-layer changes. These changes affect the transition from PCIe to M-PCIe, and the webinar will detail those issues.



27/08/2013 – Enhancing Medical Device Performance via Metal Injection Molding

This presentation is offered to acquaint medical device designers with the metal injection molding (MIM) manufacturing process and its capabilities.  Through visual examples and case studies of successful applications of the technology, the attendee will:

  • Better visualize MIM capabilities and manufacturing processes
  • Better appreciate the technology’s value proposition
  • Better understand why MIM has frequently delivered value and reliability in a variety of medical device applications
  • Know where to find additional resources.



28/08/2013 – How to Accelerate OpenCV Applications with Zynq-7000 All Programmable SoC using Vivado HLS Video Libraries

In this presentation, you will learn how to rapidly accelerate real-time computer vision algorithms and integrate them into your designs using Xilinx Zynq®7000 All Programmable SoC devices. Step-by-step examples will show you how to build and integrate custom video accelerators by migrating functions from the OpenCV library or your own custom video algorithms into your embedded design using guaranteed-to-synthesize HLS (High-level Synthesis) video libraries; the Vivado® HLS compiler; and the Vivado IP Integrator. This design flow allows you to implement real-time embedded computer-vision algorithms using a seamless combination of high-performance, low-power, on-chip programmable hardware for high-data-rate (full HD) pixel-processing tasks and software-programmable ARM processor cores for frame-based processing tasks that operate at lower data rates.



28/08/2013 – Practical Guide to 100G Electrical Compliance Testing

Why this webcast is important:
Characterizing and verifying standards compliance of single and multiple lanes that comprise 100G digital links can be daunting and very time-consuming..  After carefully setting up the device, clock recovery, error detector and test parameters, the user is still faced with understanding the test requirements in standards documents such as OIF CEI and IEEE 802.3ap/ba, and interpreting the results.

This webcast will cover in detail the challenges faced in testing transmitter and receiver compliance testing,  and will follow some of the most challenging tests from the standards document.  It will cover  device/equipment set-up,  obtaining measurements, and to finally interpreting the results.  After viewing this webcast, design and validation engineers will have a thorough understanding of how to focus more of their energy on improving their device performance and less time on testing.



28/08/2013 – Intel 4th Generation Core: The Haswell Price, Performance, Power quotient from desktop to portables & the Embedded Beyond

The movement toward mobile computing is driving innovation in processor technology from networking performance to high definition graphics. Processors and the systems they drive are becoming a unique mix of low power, high performance, feature-rich systems. With Intel’s release of their 4th generation core technology, new innovations promise higher performance, lower power with extended battery life for embedded devices, and high-end graphics supporting the latest DirectX, OpenCL, and OpenGL APIs. Join us as we discuss the new Intel 4th Generation Core and how it addresses increasing performance and capabilities while reducing power through lower execution power and new power states for the next generation of power-sensitive embedded systems.



29/08/2013 – Introducing NEW $99 IGLOO2 Kit and Demos for Industry’s Lowest Power PCI Express and SERDES FPGA

Overview: This webinar is intended for design engineers in need of low power PCI Express® Gen2 interfaces in a secure and reliable FPGA platform. Webinar attendees will receive information on Microsemi’s new IGLOO®2 Evaluation Kit which is being offered at an introductory price of $99 for the first 1000 kits, and includes a Libero® SoC Gold software license.



29/08/2013 – Introduction to Infineon’s Power MOSFET Families: OptiMOS™-the perfect fit for your battery powered motor application

Overview and introduction to OptiMOS™ product portfolio in the voltage classes of 40V—250V. Get Infineon’s recommendation for your battery powered motor application to reach the best system performance.


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