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22/08/2013 a 12/09/2013 – Inovar-Auto: Soluções para os desafios do Inovar-Auto

Nesta série de seminários online gratuitos serão apresentados os desafios e as soluções para desenvolver projetos de acordo com o novo programa de incentivo à inovação local, onde diversas empresas do setor poderão se beneficiar de incentivos fiscais para investimentos em tecnologia, desde que cumpram metas de redução de emissões, eficiência energética, aumento da segurança veicular, além de investimentos em mão-de-obra e pesquisa e desenvolvimento local.

National Instruments -


03/09/2013 – Introducing the latest Discretes IGBT Technology – matching tomorrow’s High Efficiency demands in Solar, UPS, Welding and SMPS applications

Today Infineon’s TRENCHSTOP™ 5 IGBT technology is capable of switching well beyond 100 kHz. The new products are optimized for PFC and PWM topologies in applications such as Photovoltaic Inverters, Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS), Inverterised Welding Machines and hard switching applications.


04/09/2013 – Simplifying Sensor SoC Integration with a Pre-Verified Sensor IP Subsystem

Sensors are becoming a part of everyone’s daily life. Many applications, such as those found in mobile devices, rely on sensors’ abilities to read and interpret environmental conditions such as pressure, temperature, motion, and proximity. Digital signal processing (DSP) functions, hardware accelerators, and sensor interfaces are now common in SoC designs supporting these applications.


05/09/2013 – Designing Advanced Embedded Systems with Xilinx Zynq: How to Break Software Bottlenecks with Accelerators

Design teams must consider all alternative implementation technologies and the choices have included embedded processors, ASSPs, and SoCs but finding the right hardware platform is always very difficult. Late changing requirements, hardware errata that requires complex software workarounds, software that just cannot meet the desired performance, or requirements for new features after the product has been released complicate this choice. The Xilinx Zynq-7000 All Programmable SoC represents a relatively new alternative in the embedded landscape that addresses these challenges in a different way. This innovative device allows you to make hardware and software tradeoffs throughout the design phase and even after the design has shipped.


06/09/2013 – Standards help Solve Technology and Market Issues and braden SSL deplyment

Standards, while voluntary, help technology industries to cooperate and agree on common methods and goals related to product functionality, form factor, performance levels, and many other characteristics. In the LED lighting area, standards are key to broader SSL deployment across a variety of applications. That also means that there are even more standards bodies involved than typical in most technology segments. In the LED area, standards impact everything from the manufacturing and marketing of LED components to prescribed performance levels of end products in specific applications.

LEDs Magazine regularly covers standards issues and Dr Jianzhong Jiao of Osram Opto Semiconductors writes on standards topics for the magazine on a recurring basis. Dr Jiao will present a webcast focused on LED lighting standards including an update on the latest standards that are both in use and under development.

The presentation will differentiate standards from related but separate regulations and laws. The talk will address the numerous standards bodies that come into play in the LED space ranging from the IES that covers illumination in general to market-centric organizations such as the SAE in the automotive space. Product developers, design engineers, optical engineers, managers, and lighting specifiers will learn how standards impact their work, where standards fit in specific applications, and where to turn for more information.

What You’ll Learn:

  • Understand how standards apply to the LED technology space and how the various standards seek to broaden deployment.
  • Learn about all of the standards bodies that come to play in the LED sector and the applications and implications related to each.
  • Grasp the differing but related functions of standards bodies, regulatory organizations and government entities.
  • Ask questions of standards expert Dr Jianzhong Jiao who is active in the IEEE, CIE, SEMI, JEDEC, IES, SAE and other organizations.

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