Treinamentos da semana – 16/09/2013

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17/09/2013 – Advanced Thermal Management Solutions for LEDs

What You’ll Learn:

  • Advanced passive thermal management solution options
  • How a heat pipe and vapor chamber work
  • When to consider using heat pipes or vapor chambers
  • Performance benefits of passive solutions such as heat and vapor chambers
  • Limitations to heat pipe and vapor chambers


17/09/2013 – Managing Power, Noise and Reliability across Chip-Package-System

This series provides experience sharing and ‘how-to’ methodologies by ANSYS-Apache customers and technical experts for meeting the ever-growing power noise challenges for chip, package and system designs. The series includes presentations by STMicroelectronics on best practices for power optimization of ARM core sub-systems and by Nvidia on proven methodologies for ESD verification and failure diagnosis. In addition, ANSYS-Apache power experts will discuss technologies and solutions for RTL power budgeting, IP and SoC power integrity and sign-off, chip-package-system convergence and reliability validation for advanced process designs.


17/09/2013 – Android e iOS

Veja em ação a nova tecnologia do RAD Studio XE5 e do Delphi XE5 para desenvolvimento móvel Android e iOS.

Saiba como migrar do desenvolvimento desktop para mobile criando aplicações verdadeiramente nativas de Android e iOS.

Inscreva-se agora e participe do webinar para:

  • Ver aplicações verdadeiramente nativas de Android e iOS construídas a partir de uma única base de código
  • Ver ferramentas de desenvolvimento verdadeiramente nativo de multidispositivos em ação
  • Conhecer os 5 erros cometidos por desenvolvedores ao migrar para mobile – e como evitá-los
  • Receber dicas de experts sobre como você pode migrar para o mobile



17/09/2013 – Active RFID System Shatters Productivity Problems for a Glass Manufacturer

During this Webcast, we will cover:

  • How Viracon managed implementation of the new system, going to full deployment in less than 9 months
  • How process improvements supported their Lean initiatives
  • How plant management increased accuracy by more than 50% and delivered ROI in less than 6 months

Plant Engineering


18/09/2013 – Benefits of the 4th Generation Intel Core i7 Processor for Military Applications

What You’ll Learn:

  • 4th Generation (formerly ‘Haswell’) processor attributes, particularly those suited for embedded Military applications.
  • Technologies integrated with the 4th Generation Core™ Processors which benefit Military workloads, particularly DSP workloads.
  • Performance comparisons with prior generations of Intel’s Core™ Processors.



18/09/2013 – Best-in-Class RF Solution for GNSS Receivers

The ever growing demand to integrate more and more functionality into one mobile phone leads to many challenges when transmitter and receiver have to work simultaneously without degrading the performance of each other. In today’s smartphones a GNSS receiver co-exists with transceivers in the GSM/ EDGE/ UMTS/ LTE bands. These 3G/4G transceivers transmit high power in the range of +24 dBm which—due to insufficient isolation—can couple to the GNSS receiver and drastically decrease system sensitivity. In order to avoid this, Infineon’s LNAs and modules offer optimized out-of-band input intercept point and lowest noise figure, thus dramatically improving sensitivity compared to other solutions available in the market today.



18/09/2013 – Implementing Ultra-low Power Design Techniques for High-performance 32-bit MCU-based Applications

Demand continues to rise dramatically for electronic products that do more and perform better while consuming less power.Are you choosing the right microcontroller for the task? Is your microcontroller power hungry? Do you know how to utilize the additional performance of a 32-bit MCU to actually reduce power requirements and extend battery life? Today there are a myriad of choices. By taking advantage of low-power design techniques and utilizing advanced 32-bit MCU features, you will be able to get the biggest bang (or cheapest battery) for the buck.



19/09/2013 – How IP Enables a New Class of SoCs for Data Center Designs

IP for Data Center applications webinar will present the market trends and architectural advances taking place in ASSPs/ASICs targeting data center applications such as software defined networking (SDN) and low power micro servers. Highlights include the IP tradeoffs for reducing latency, lowering power, improving RAS and implementing advanced protocols in the new class of ASSPs/ASICs for data center applications.



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