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01/10/2013 – Inductive Technology for Precision Position/ Displacement Sensing

Inductive ‘eddy current’ technology is known for high precision, high resolution position / displacement sensing. Its application is only limited by the ingenuity of the design or test engineer, but success in applying inductive ‘eddy current’ technology, or any sensing technology, hinges on a thorough understanding of that technology’s capabilities.

This Webinar will cover inductive ‘eddy current’ basic circuit design, principles of operation, performance capabilities, and error sources. Application concerns, and thumb rules are presented as well as the flexibility of the technology to adapt to specific application requirements.

Kaman Precision Prodcts /Measuring


02/10/2013 – Managing Power, Noise and Reliability across Chip-Package-System

September 17, 2013 – October 15, 2013 This series provides experience sharing and ‘how-to’ methodologies by ANSYS-Apache customers and technical experts for meeting the ever-growing power noise challenges for chip, package and system designs. The series includes presentations by STMicroelectronics on best practices for power optimization of ARM core sub-systems and by Nvidia on proven methodologies for ESD verification and failure diagnosis. In addition, ANSYS-Apache power experts will discuss technologies and solutions for RTL power budgeting, IP and SoC power integrity and sign-off, chip-package-system convergence and reliability validation for advanced process designs.

ANSYS Apache


03/10/2013 – Practical Approach to EMI Diagnostics

Let’s face it, EMI problems are costly and time consuming to resolve. Although there are no easy answers to EMI, it’s not as daunting as it appears. Join Robin Jackman an experienced Application Engineer for a 1-hour webinar covering the ins-and-outs of testing EMI. The webinar will discuss practical EMI theory that will help you to approach your EMI testing more successfully. Robin will share the most common EMI problems he sees in designs today, and review techniques to diagnose and isolate those elusive sources of EMI.

Find out about the latest test methods for EMI diagnostics, including how breakthrough technology like the Mixed Domain Oscilloscope has fundamentally changed the way Engineers are testing for EMI.

You will learn:

  • Techniques for scanning for EMI problems
  • Optimizing dynamic range vs. speed vs. sensitivity
  • Probing considerations, near field or far field?
  • Overview of the measurement compromises when using an oscilloscope and spectrum analyzer for testing EMI
  • Techniques for tracking down the source of EMI issues in both the time and frequency domain

After the webinar, join Robin for a live Q&A session and discussion. It’s your opportunity to ask the burning questions that are keeping you up at night.



03/10/2013 – How to get the most out of your high-precision SAR ADC design

Whether the goal is lowest distortion and noise, ultra-low power, lowest power at maximum throughput, or design for full-scale step response, when it comes to precision SAR ADC data acquisition circuits, the biggest obstacle to achieving your design goals lies in the careful design of the ADC driver and reference circuitry. This technical presentation is a deep dive into the theory, calculation, simulation, and validation methodologies used to design and verify high-precision SAR ADC driver and reference circuits. A detailed design example of a 18-Bit, 1MSPS Data Acquisition Block Optimized for lowest distortion and noise will be used to apply theory, calculation, simulation, and validation to a real design example.

Texas Digikey


03/10/2013 – Optimizing for Efficiency and Thermal Management in LED lighting

LEDs continue their march into applications and markets at a rate that could not have been foreseen a scant 8 or 10 years ago. As popular as they are, there remain some thorny issues associated with LED driver efficiency and heat dissipation that require designers to pay a bit extra attention. Efficient and well-designed drivers, matched to the LED type and lighting topology and coupled with effective thermal management, can greatly affect the overall consumption and lifespan of and LED lighting fixture. This 1-hour webinar will look at what designers need to know in advance and what devices and techniques are available to help make the right choices with regard to drivers and thermal management solutions to ensure a successful design.


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