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consulte sempre um engenheiro eletrônico


12/11/2013 – In Situ Health Monitoring of Piezoelectric Sensors

On occasion, anomalies may appear in the highly dynamic test data obtained during rocket engine tests. These incidences are investigated, and a corrective action may be mandated before subsequent engine testing. The appearance of spurious signals of unknown cause is a typical challenge encountered in accelerometer data channels.

To address this issue, an in situ health monitoring apparatus, which includes (1) an exciter circuit that applies a pulse to a piezoelectric transducer and (2) a data processing system that determines the piezoelectric transducer’s dynamic response to the first pulse, was developed.



12/11/2013 – It’s Transformation Time for Embedded Development

Successful innovators are now turning to a new breed of solutions designed to handle escalating complexity across the embedded development lifecycle. Join Wind River® for this web seminar to learn how Wind River is helping companies transform and accelerate each stage of embedded development.

Wind River


13/11/2013 – Engineering Design Guide for Heat Sinks and Heat Pipes

This Webinar provides engineers with tools for effective design of heat sinks and heat pipes. It provides important guidelines for the two primary areas of air cooled heat sink design: total volume and fin design.

Our experts introduce easy ways to size your heat sink to meet your temperature rise goals and explore key design aspects used to generate ideal thickness and pitch of external fins in order to maximize heat rejection.

Viewers will be provided with a complete guide to designing, modeling, and implementing heat pipes into your heat sink. After completion, engineers will be able to design a more effective heat sink for high power or space limited applications.



13/11/2013 – Versatile Connector System Allows for Next Generation Speeds Using Existing Backplane Designs

Ideal for design engineers of backplane solutions for storage, server, network and telecom systems, this webinar will show how FCI’s shield-less backplane connectors allow for a scalable migration to 25 Gb/s systems, with the convenience of backwards mating-compatible interfaces which preserve critical pin assignments and provide cost savings for next generation products.

Arrow FCI

14/11/2013 – Governing Compliance and Open Source for effective DevOps

Organizations focused on achieving continuous innovation and delivery through a DevOps approach including capabilities such as automation, feedback mechanisms, and meaningful measurement, understand the role heterogeneous solutions play in helping them accelerate the lifecycle and bring it closer to their clients and line of business. In this webinar we will explore the DevOps approach and how to identify capability improvement areas to target. We will share client experiences, adoption examples, and a proven framework for success which includes collaboration across business, development, quality assurance teams, and vendors to produce quality software. We will also focus on techniques to build in strong governance and compliance with regulatory, SOX, legal, as well as internal standards, across different technologies. And since many development teams look to open source and proprietary software as a way to get more innovation faster, better, and cheaper but also bring their own set of governance and compliance challenges, we will share how Black Duck’s open source compliance solution integrated with IBM solutions for collaborative development compliance can help you govern and meet compliance requirements across open source software and proprietary software environments.



14/11/2013 – Industrial Ethernet, Part 1: Technologies

Industrial Ethernet implementations continue to gain traction on the plant floor and in process plants. What are the key industrial Ethernet technologies being installed today and why? Learn from automation system integrators about criteria used to choose types of switches, cabling, and topologies being applied for industrial Ethernet applications. Ethernet survey results will be discussed.

Attendees will learn how to:

  • Identify the Telecommunications Infrastructure Standard for Industrial Premises to choose the proper cabling infrastructure for a particular network environment
  • Identify the Ethernet features required for particular network protocols and environment
  • Identify the best network topology for a particular plant layout.

Also covered will be Control Engineering research results on Ethernet spending trends, on Ethernet products and services, and productivity. After the presentation, a live question and answer session will be held.

Control Engineering


14/11/2013 – How to measure 4 decades of current with less than 0.05% error

This TI Verified Precision Design provides the theory, component selection, simulation, complete PCB schematic and layout, bill of materials, and measured performance of a split-supply, high-side current sensing solution that can accurately detect load currents from 10µA-100mA. The corresponding linear output is from 10mV to 4.9V. While traditional op amps can be used for such an application, the PGA281 was used because a differential measurement minimizes errors due to PCB parasitics. Also, the PGA281 can be used in high-side current sensing because of its wide input common-mode voltage range, and the pin-programmable gain of the PGA281 allows for easy switching of gain settings in order to realize the wide load current range.

TI Digikey


14/11/2013 – AC LEDs: PErception vs Reality

A free informative webinar presented by Dave Neal, Director of Applications Engineering for Seoul Semiconductor focused on AC LED technology. While AC LEDs have been gaining a quiet following in major lighting manufacturers, many lighting designers are still clinging to negative beliefs and outdated mis-conceptions from the early days of LEDs. Seoul Semiconductor squashes some of the existing myths of AC powered LEDs and demonstrates the strong performance of today’s advanced AC LED systems.

What You’ll Learn:

  • Differences between traditional AC LEDs and AC-Driven LED solutions
  • Overcoming mis-conceptions about AC LEDs
  • Benefits of AC Driven solutions vs DC driven solutions
  • Real world application examples


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