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confira a extensa programação de cursos para essa semana. Também atualizei a programação de cursos da ABNT para o mês de dezembro.



consulte sempre um engenheiro eletrônico


2, 3 e 11 a 13/12/2013 – Fundamentals of Microcontrollers (MCU’s)

Overview: Microcontrollers are making a bigger impact on our lives with each passing day as new devices are released that are ever increasing the connectivity of our world. This course will introduce microcontrollers and how to select the correct one for an application before diving into three hands-on sessions experimenting with a cutting edge STM32F4 ARM M4 microcontroller. Presented by: Jacob Beningo, CSDP

This Track Covers:

Dec 2: Part I: Introduction to Microcontrollers*
Dec 3: Part II: Selecting the Right Microcontroller*
Dec 11: Part III: An Overview of the STM32F4 Discovery Board (Hands-On Workshop)
Dec 12: Part IV: Digital Signal Processing With the STM32F4 (Hands-On Workshop)
Dec 13: Part V: Introduction to Graphics Processing (Hands-On Workshop)

EE Times


02 a 06/12/2013 – Protecting Your Embedded System From Hacking & Theft

Modern embedded systems use network connectivity to deliver a wide variety of user features and to simplify remote updates and upgrades to system capabilities. Unfortunately embedded systems have become targets for a variety of security threats that can have disastrous effects on your company’s profitability or brand image, or could even lead to loss of life and resulting lawsuits. This course will cover the most common threats and show several techniques and methods you can use to thwart these serious dangers.

This course features lecturer Warren Miller who has in-depth experience of programmable devices (PLDs, FPGAs, MCUs, and ASICs) in industrial, networking, and consumer applications and holds several device patents. Warren has authored more than 100 conference papers, whitepapers, application notes, and magazine articles on a wide variety of topics.

Classes include:

  • Dec. 2 | Day 1 – Security Threats to Your Embedded System
  • Dec. 3 | Day 2 – Protecting Your Embedded System Design Intellectual Property
  • Dec. 4 | Day 3 – Cryptographic Techniques to Protect Your Embedded System
  • Dec. 5 | Day 4 – Protecting Your Embedded System in the Field 
  • Dec. 6 | Day 5 – Example Designs

Design News Continuing Education Center


03/12/2013 – Designing and Testing Power Supplies for Energy Efficiency

Energy efficient design techniques have created new and complex test challenges, requiring design engineers to make numerous difficult measurements and to troubleshoot fast-changing signals and small changes in voltage and current. This 40-minute webinar covers today’s foremost energy efficient design topics with helpful debug, validation and characterization testing tips that you won’t want to test without. This webinar is essential for any design engineer faced with meeting today’s demands for designing today’s “greener” more energy efficient electronics. Following the webinar, a live Q&A session with a panel of Tektronix Engineers will be available to answer your questions.

You will learn:

  • Critical measurement and probing techniques for characterizing switch-mode power supplies
  • Considerations when troubleshooting low-voltage differential signals
  • Testing tips for today’s backlight LEDs
  • System-level characterization and test for overall power conversion efficiency and regulatory requirements such as Standby Power



03/12/2013 – Vehicle Communications for Safety: eCall Fundamentals and Test Solutions

This webinar provides insights into the underlying key technologies of the eCall system, highlights the test requirements and demonstrates powerful test solutions for the verification of eCall modems to ensure standard-compliant operation.

Rohde & Schwarz


03/12/2013 – Reduce SoC Test Cost and Cut Weeks off Test Integration with Hierarchical Testing of all IP on a SoC

As designs become larger, there is a corresponding increase in the use of IP, making it difficult to complete testing of these large SoCs within the desired schedule and cost using traditional full-chip methodologies. The variety of IP blocks with different test interfaces on the SoC makes it extremely challenging and time-consuming to integrate and test all of the IP at the SoC level. A scalable hierarchical and area-efficient solution is required to meet today’s SoC test needs. In this webinar we will describe how the DesignWare® STAR Hierarchical System leverages IP and logic block-level test and accelerate SoC testing by enabling faster design closure, and provides higher test quality and lower test cost with hierarchical testing of all IP including analog/mixed-signal IP, digital logic blocks, memory and interface IP.



04/12/2013 – Boost Linux Multicore Performance with a Light-weight Runtime Environment — Enea LWRT

Standard Linux offers excellent throughput characteristics, but has been found lacking in real-time deterministic interrupt response. The PREEMPT_RT patch set addresses the issue of real-time interrupt determinism in Linux, but most often at the expense of throughput. Enea is introducing a new model, called LWRT, an extension to standard Linux for multicore devices that features very low latency and deterministic interrupt response behavior while enhancing throughput.



04/12/2013 – Extreme Oscilloscope Probing: Extreme Challenges Call for Extreme Solutions

The demands placed on today’s electronic products tend to far exceed what was expected from electronics just a few years ago. Mobile products are expected to operate and survive a wide range of environmental conditions all the while preserving battery life. Similarly, automotive or industrial applications are expected to function reliably over a wide range of potential harsh conditions. Designers would like to characterize and validate their designs at these extremes but until recently they have not had a suite of tools to help them do this.

This webcast will illustrate extreme testing examples and recommend tools and methods for making accurate oscilloscope measurements.



04/12/2013 – Silicon Labs’ Smart Control & Sensor Nodes

An important piece of the smart control ecosystem is the nervous system that is sensing, measuring, and reporting back information about the environment for processing. Sensor nodes are one of the most scalable, cost-sensitive, and complex pieces of a smart control system. Unlike data aggregators, a single deployment or a connected system can have greater than 100 sensor nodes feeding data for decision-making and control. Join Raman Sharma for an in-depth webinar that explores the special constraints on the sensor nodes that don’t exist in the rest of the system.



05/12/2013 – Embarcadero Conference Online 2013

Assista o webinar e confira algumas palestras da Embarcadero Conference 2013Você pode assistir agora algumas das palestras preferidas pelo público do evento. Aproveite, faça sua inscrição e tenha uma degustação do que foi a Embarcadero Conference 2013. Esperamos você ano que vem!Inscreva-se agora para este webinar e veja como usar o RAD Studio para desenhar e construir suas aplicações para o mundo mobile. Faremos um replay das sessões mais votadas durante a Embarcadero Conference:Agenda

  • Abertura
  • Boas práticas para uma interface profissional em iOS e Android
    Kelver Merlotti, Embarcadero do Brasil
  • Uso Efetivo do ListView e ListBox em Apps Mobile
    Victory Fernandes, Embarcadero MVP
  • Explorando Conceitos Avançados com FireDAC
    Alan Glei, Embarcadero MVP
  • Os Caçadores do Código Perfeito
    Samuel “Muka” David, Embarcadero M

Embarcadero Conference 2013 Online


05/12/2013 –  Speeding Innovation in Intelligent Transportation

Live Event: Speeding Innovation in Intelligent Transportation

Government agencies focused on transportation face increasing budgetary constraints. This is compounded by compliance pressures regarding sustainability, safety, security, and environmental protection. Complex city, state and federal transportation projects must be managed in this challenging, ever-changing context.

The IBM® Rational® Intelligent Transportation Systems solution addresses the challenges associated with planning, development, deployment, and lifecycle management of transportation software and solutions. Rational software for ITS offers planning and project decision support to help organizations select the right projects from the start. Project teams develop and deploy their software successfully when they manage requirements, design, changes, quality assurance, outsourcing and partnerships with the traceability and the standards required by the Intelligent Transportation Systems industry.

Join this webcast to learn how the Rational solution helps transportation professionals manage critical factors contributing to the success of Intelligent Transportation Systems.


05/12/2013 – Enterprise Ethernet IP for Data Center SoC Designs

This webinar will review the drivers behind Ethernet developments for data center networks and how the new DesignWare Enterprise 40G Ethernet MAC and PCS Controller IP meets these demands. We will also review the complete solution from Synopsys consisting of the Enterprise 40G MAC, Enterprise 40G PCS and Enterprise 10G PHY.



05/12/2013 – Getting the Most Out of Your Satellite Analog Signal Processing Design

Fundamentally, a satellite’s main purpose in life is to collect, monitor, and transmit data. Some of the most critical signal processing needs are telemetry and calibration functions. Within these specific designs, precision and accuracy are some of the top priorities. Learn ways to improve incoming signal accuracy through this webinar. We will look into three fundamental functions of analog signal processing; temperature monitoring, supplying a stable and accurate reference voltage, and signal amplification and filtering.



05/12/2013 – Networking from 5 Gbps to 20+ Gbps with Intel® Processors

With the latest Intel® processors for communications, developers can scale from 5 Gbps to 20 Gbps on a consistent platform – and Intel’s next-generation communications chipset will take performance to new extremes. Join us as we reveal Intel’s new chipset, examine the full range of Intel’s platforms, and showcase applications ranging from wireless core networks to branch office routers.

Attendees will learn:

  • The details of Intel’s next-generation communications chipset
  • How the Intel® Atom™ processor C2000 product family extends 64-bit multi-core performance into thermal envelopes as low as 7 W
  • How Intel® QuickAssist Technology enables a consistent API across Intel platforms
  • Use cases like network function virtualization (NFV) and network security appliances
  • How to leverage the new features with off-the shelf tools, software, and hardware

ADI DELL intel


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