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ECN Magazine - December 15, 2013 laser Focus World - December 2013 LEDs Magazine - November / December 2013 Microwaves & RF - December 2013 Military & Aerospace - December 2013 New Electronics, December 10, 2013 SAE OFF-HIGHWAY ENGINEERING - December 2013 The PCB Design Magazine - December 2013 Wireless Design & Development - November/December 2013 ELEKTRONIKPRAXIS 24/2013


Cursos, Webinários e outros treinamentos:

16 a 20/12/2013 – Introduction to SCADA Security

SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) systems serve as command and control for our electrical power grids, refineries, and other critical infrastructures. Recently these systems have become more integrated with enterprise networks via IP based networks and are more exposed to the outside world and network based threats. And these systems aren’t always compatible with standard security best practices. This course will help designers and asset owners formulate a strategy that’s tailored specific to their environment. Students will examine threats and vulnerabilities specific to SCADA systems, how attackers attack these systems, and how to implement security strategies that are both safe for their operations and specific to their environment.

This course features lecturer Clint Bodungen who is a Senior ICS/SCADA Security Researcher at Cimation, specializing in vulnerability research, training, and penetration testing within the energy sectors. He began his professional career in 1995 as a Computer Systems Security Officer and Operations Security Manager in the United States Air Force. Following the Air Force, he was contracted by Symantec to test and analyze its Network Intrusion Detection System (IDS) products. Since then, he has led numerous security assessment and penetration testing projects for some of the world’s top energy companies.

Classes include:

  • Dec. 16 | Day 1 – State of the Industry
  • Dec. 17 | Day 2 – Threat Sources 
  • Dec. 18 | Day 3 – Vulnerabilities
  • Dec. 19 | Day 4 – Attack Methods
  • Dec. 20 | Day 5 – Mitigation Strategies

Design News Continuing Education Center


17/12/2013 – Putting the Smarts into Smart Things – Designing ICs for the Internet of Things

Using a recently introduced wearable device application example, this webinar covers design challenges, how to shorten design turnaround time while reducing power consumption and costs when developing MCUs, and how Synopsys’ design and implementation tools with DesignWare® IP solutions meet these demanding requirements. Design engineers, project leads and managers tasked with developing low cost, low power ICs should attend this webinar.



18/12/2013 – Partitioning and Design for Precision Data Acquisition Systems

This session covers the signal chain basics from signal to sensor to amplifier to converter to digital processor and back out again. This session will focus on precision measurements; a later session will cover dynamic and higher speed signal processing.

Analog Devices


18/12/2013 – Prevent Cyber Attacks at the Source Code Level

Software security breaches can happen in many places, including at the
source code level. Opportunities for vulnerable code breaches are often created innocently enough, sometimes because we don’t know what to look for.

Join our Catch the Security Breach Before it’s Out of Reach webinar to understand how data breaches can happen in web, desktop and mobile applications. We’ll cover techniques to recognize and assess potential problems in source code, introduce remediation best practices and touch on well-known secure coding standards.

In this one-hour webinar designed for software engineers, you’ll learn how to:

  • Recognize a potential data breach in web, desktop and mobile applications
  • Quickly assess the impact of identified breaches
  • Identify potential application security problems in your code
  • Use automated tools like static and dynamic analysis for weakness detection

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