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02/04/2014 – MIPI Physical Layer Transmitter Test Solutions 

New physical standards are being developed by Mobile Industry Processor Interface (MIPI) Alliance standards body, which standardizes interfaces for mobile applications and designs. Additional capabilities and data rate extension will be added to the existing D-PHY and M-PHY specifications to push the performance envelope. A new C-PHY specification will also be created, which is based on a new 3-wire multi-level signaling scheme to achieve higher performance through higher bits/symbol. If you are developing or validating the transmitters of these new MIPI physical layers, you’ll want to attend this webcast to understand the new test challenges as well as the solutions.



02/04/2014 – Reverse Engineering: The First Step to Efficient Design and Analysis in the Aerospace Industry

Reverse engineering is fast becoming a more popular method of creating 3D data without existing CAD files. This process reconstructs classic designs and implements new ones. It can generate lost or absent design documentation and update or create “as-built” documentation.

3D laser scanning is the most advanced method for reverse engineering today. Non-contact 3D laser scanning integrates 3D modeling processes into a single step. Modern portable 3D laser scanning devices are becoming smaller, lighter, and a more affordable solution that provides the convenience of completing work on site and achieving accurate results.



02/04/2014 – EMC/EMI Testing in less than One Second using Very-Near-Field Techniques

Very-near-field measurements of radiated emissions are fast and easy to make and avoid the delays and set-up needed for far-field measurements in a chamber. A distributed array of sensors for measuring the very-near-field can sit on your desktop and will allow EM and RF testing in less than one second!

Using this technique a designer can get an “emissions map” of a PCB or product in “real-time” and identify EMI and EMC problems early in the design cycle thus saving time and cost. This technique can also visualize the source of emissions that caused systems to fail compliance test and provide the insight required to fix the problem quickly.



03/04/2014 – The New VxWorks 7 – The Real-Time Operating System for the Internet of Things

With over 30 years of leadership in embedded technology, Wind River® has now reinvented its flagship VxWorks® Real-Time Operating Systems (RTOS) to help manufacturers of embedded devices take advantage of unique opportunities of the Internet of Things (IoT). With VxWorks 7, manufacturers of embedded systems can gain a competitive edge by bringing industry-leading devices to market faster, while reducing risks and development costs.

Wind River


03/04/2014 – A Standards-Based Approach to the Industrial Physical Network

Boosting productivity, innovation and business agility requires the adoption of effective industrial physical network infrastructure strategies that connect the Enterprise throughout the Factory with reliable and actionable information. Best-in-class manufacturers can achieve as much as 99.9% uptime and 90% OEE, providing their organizations lower total cost of ownership (TCO) and greater operating margins. Physical network design plays an important role.

In this presentation you’ll learn about how standards based physical network topologies, cabling best practices including structured and point-to-point cabling methodologies, and designing for the environment can help provide a high performance, reliable and scalable plant network.

CE Webcast Series


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