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Publicado: 22 de julho de 2014 em Webinários e Cursos
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nessa semana o destaque é para o mini curso sobre Bluetooth. Confira também os demais treinamentos programados para essa semana.



consulte sempre um engenheiro eletrônico


21 a 25 de Julho de 2014 –  Mini Curso – Design Products With Bluetooth Low Energy 

Today’s lecture will feature the Ana ren B-SMART BoosterPack development tool. The BoosterPack will be coupled with a Texas Instruments MSP430 LaunchPad development board to provide a working out-of-the-box MSP430-to-iPhone Bluetooth application. No Bluetooth or MSP430 knowledge is required.

In today’s discussion we will define Hardware Abstraction Layer (HAL) functionality and code a specialized HAL for the Digilent ChipKIT MX3’s PIC32MX320F128H microcontroller.

A schema is simply a description of available embedded resources. Today we will create a schema based on the embedded resources of the Digilent ChipKIT MX3 development board. We will also examine the firmware that is automatically generated as a result of the schema build process.

Today we will put on our hardware hats and design and assemble a home-grown Anaren A2541 BLE embedded device hosted by a PIC32MX695F512H. The reference design concepts exposed in today’s lecture can be applied to most any microcontroller that supports the C programming language.

Em-Browser gives the developer total control of the embedded systems resources. Today we will use Em-Browser and an iPhone to emulate and debug an application targeting our home-grown B-SMART PIC32MX reference design.


  • 22/07/2014 – FinFETs For Your Next SoC: To Move or Not To Move?
  • 23/07/2014 – Synopsys ProtoCompiler Accelerates the Availability of the HAPS FPGA-Based Prototyping System
  • 23/07/2014 – Digital Potentiometers – Where and How to Use
  • 24/07/2014 – SpaceClaim for Electronic Prototypes and Panel Builders
  • 24/07/2014 – Altium Vault 2.0 See what it can do for you!
  • 24/07/2014 – EMI/EMC Analysis for High-Speed Digital Design
  • 24/07/2014 – Building a Customized Debug andTrace Solution for a Multi-Core SoC

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