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Publicado: 5 de junho de 2015 em Webinários e Cursos
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08 a 12/06/2015

Mini Curso: Everything You Ever Wanted to Know about Filters

  • June 8 – Day 1: Analog Filters I: Resonant Circuits and Passive Filters
    In this class, we will look at the basic resonant circuit and its time (impulse) and frequency (filtering) response. We will also briefly look at tools for designing and evaluating these circuits.
  • June 9 – Day 2: Analog Filters II: Active Filters
    As we will have learned in Day 1, a resonant circuit is affected by the circuits that exist at its input and output. In this class, we will look in depth at the addition of operational amplifiers (and in RF – other amplifiers) to make powerful and accurate filters for our applications.
  • June 10 – Day 3: Digital Filters I: Sampling and the Z-Transform
    Computation – particularly with the advent of digital signal processing (DSP) – allows us to create very powerful filters that can add new capabilities. Here, we go into digital filters with a review of the transform from the continuous time domain to the sampled domain. We will look at not only the Z-transform but also some tricks and tips, such as oversampling, which allows us to simplify filters.
  • June 11 – Day 4: Digital Filters II: Infinite Impulse Response Filters
    The basic parallel to the analog filter is the infinite impulse response (IIR) filter. In this class, we will look at the implementation and trade-offs of IIR filters, including looking at the code and actual responses of some examples.
  • June 12 – Day 5: Digital Filters III: Finite Impulse Response Filters and Conclusion
    As we will have learned in Day 4, there are limitations in IIR filters that can create challenges in design and response. In this class we will look at the finite impulse response (FIR) filter and compare the design criteria as well as the resultant output of the two types of filters. We will conclude by reviewing the various filters and some of the resulting solutions, comparing the results.



  • COUNTERFEIT Detection and Avoidance
  • Find Your Opportunities for the Internet of Things


  • Changing the face of robotics: Advanced Modelling and Simulation Techniques for multibody robotics systems
  • Are you prepared for the Internet of Things?


  • Keeping it Cool: Solving Military Electronics Thermal Management Challenges
  • The IoT Infrastructure, From Device to Database




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