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Publicado: 18 de setembro de 2015 em Webinários e Cursos
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Caro(a) Colega,

semana cheia, muitos treinamentos de graça para você assistir.

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consulte sempre um engenheiro eletrônico


22 a 24/09/2015 – Mini curso: Embedded University

In this Power Conversion Embedded University program, Microchip will introduce an array of DC-DC conversion methods, with an emphasis on control methods and how to address these problems in real world applications. Starting from simple linear regulators, moving to integrated switching regulators, analog controllers, hybrid controllers, and digitally implemented power control methods, these discussions will cover a full range of power conversion options.

  • September 22 – Class 1: Integrated Regulation Solutions
    This first session will discuss DC-DC conversion using linear regulators and integrated switching regulators, with an emphasis on best practice for stability, including layout considerations. These concepts are directly useful for a majority of power conversion applications, and also from the basis for the discretely implemented power conversion solutions.
  • September 23 – Class 2: Analog and Hybrid Analog/Digital Control Methods
    The second session will build on the basic topologies discussed with the integrated regulation solutions, expanding the scope to larger power systems where the analog controller is a separate component requiring external or programmed compensation. This will include discussing analog and hybrid analog/digital controller capabilities, system tradeoffs, stability concerns, and best layout practices.
  • September 24 – Class 3 : Digital Control Methods
    In the final session, the analog control system will be converted into digital control system. Digital filtering algorithms will replace the analog compensation components, and the control considerations using digital signal processing chips. The final session will also include a full session question and answer period at the end.



  • Motor and Drive System Considerations to Ensure Maximum Performance, Increase Reliability and Extend Product Life
  • 10 Steps to Virtualization
  • SIP Trunking and UCaaS: Two Trends, One Strategy?
  • Infineon’s Integrated Brushed Motor Control Solutions


  • ADI Clocks: Optimizing and Supporting JESD204B Interfaces
  • Da imaginação para a IOT – Internet das coisas


  • IFunctional Safety: How pre-certified products saved $2M and two years
  • Keeping it Cool: Thermal Management Challenges in Embedded Military Electronics
  • IoT – Transforming the Design Process
  • Effectively Measuring Low Voltage Variations In The Presence of Large Signals: Best Practices using Oscilloscopes and Probes
  • Harsh Environment Protection for Advanced Electronics and Components


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