Mini curso: Building IoT Devices from Scratch

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não perca essa oportunidade de aprender um pouco mais sobre a tecnologia mais falada do momento, IoT. Trata-se do mini curso Building IoT Devices from Scratch,  com 5 aulas no formato de webinário, cada aula com a duração entre 30 a 45 minutos.No final da aula ainda pode-se formular perguntas ao instrutor.

Confira a seguir a programação completa  desse mini curso e dos demais treinamentos para a próxima semana.




consulte sempre um engenheiro eletrônico


02/11/2015 a 06/11/2015 – Mini curso:  Building IoT Devices from Scratch

In the Internet of Things, it’s all about the “things.” This hands-on course, taught by Fred Eady, will focus on building IoT hardware from scratch. Each lecture will progress through the IoT hardware design process, with the course culminating with an operational piece of “thing” hardware. The “things” we create during this lecture series will be programmed to sense, monitor, and control. You will learn compilers, integrated design environments, and programmers and debuggers to bring IoT firmware to life. You will also learn how protocol sniffers examine IoT data streams.

  • November 2 – Day 1: Tooling Up for Internet of Things
    This lecture will construct our first “thing” in the weeklong course. In addition to describing the design process, the class will examine the hardware and firmware tools for scratch-building our device. We will code and outfit our “thing” to perform environmental monitoring tasks.
  • November 3 – Day 2: Scratch-Building Microchip’s RN4020
    This class will utilize Microchip’s Curiosity Development Tool, MPLAB X and the MPLAB Code Configurator to assist in the design and assembly of an RN4020-based “thing”. The resultant “thing” design will be able to stand alone or operate under the control of a host PIC microcontroller.
  • November 4 – Day 3: Scratch-Building a WiFi-Enabled Device
    WiFi radio costs have lowered to Bluetooth Smart radio levels, enabling us to build an inexpensive WiFi “thing” in this class. We will fill our device with code that allows it to be monitored and controlled locally or via the Internet.
  • November 5 – Day 4: Basic for iOS Meets IoT
    This class will concentrate on connecting “things” to iPhones using the latest version of Anywhere Software’s B4i (Basic for iOS), which allows a designer to create iOS apps without a local Mac computer. We will use B4i to connect iPhones or any iOS device to a Bluetooth Smart- or WiFi-enabled device we will have designed and built earlier in the course.
  • November 6 – Day 5: IoT and the Physical Web
    The word of the day is “beacon.” This lecture will detail the methods required to scratch-build an Eddystone beacon. We will also scratch-build a device that will transport the beacon’s data to a remote device via the cloud.



  • Color-based identification for machine vision applications
  • IIoT webcast three: Integration considerations
  • 9 things you need to know about PMBus Point-Of-Load Power Applications


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