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semana que vem tem mini curso e muitos webcasts! São (quase) os últimos do ano. Aproveite!




consulte sempre um engenheiro eletrônico


14 a 18/12/2015 – Mini curso: Hands-On Acceleration of MCU-Based Motor Control Design

Motors are everywhere. Modern microcontroller-based motor control designs leverage a significant amount of theory, so they are often best understood via hands-on experience. This course, taught by Warren Miller, will provide a hands-on introduction to advanced motor control concepts using the inexpensive STMicroelectronics STM32 Nucleo FOC Motor Control Kit, available from Digi-Key (P-NUCLEO-IHM001).



  • Radar for the Car – Active Safety Evolves
  • How Much Storage Do You Really Need?
  • A Path and Methodology to Airworthy, Cost-Effective, Aviation Software
  • How to Identify Authorized Distributors by Manufacturer


  • IoT Panel Discussion: Accelerating Development in IoT & Embedded: New Age Smart Development Portfolio for a New Embedded Era
  • Full RF Signal Chains from 0Hz to 110GHz
  • Characterizing Differential CAN /CAN FD Bus Arbitration using Oscilloscopes
  • Toward Virtual System Prototyping: Challenges and Enablers in Aircraft Modeling Systems


  • Designing with InnoSwitch™ Revolutionary ICs
  • Changing ROI for Industrial Robotics
  • The Inside Story: GE Healthcare’s Industrial Internet of Things (IoT) Architecture


  • Getting into SystemVerilog from VHDL: Guidance from a VHDL Guru


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Calendario Setembro 2015

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