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18 a 22/04/2016 – Curso: 32-Bit Embedded Development with Microchip’s Tool Chain

Microchip is known for its 8-bit PIC microcontrollers, however, its 32-bit PIC microcontrollers continue to flourish with the addition of the PIC32MZ series. The Microchip PIC32MX and PIC32MZ 32-bit MCUs are supported by an improved tool chain, which includes an updated XC32 C compiler and various advancements and starter kits. This lecture series, taught by Fred Eady, will focus on embedded development using both of Microchip’s 32-bit MCU families, covering Microchip’s line of programmer/debugger tools that support the MCUs. It will introduce trace tools (USB analyzer, WireShark, etc), third-party hardware platforms, and “homebrewed” hardware to enhance your understanding of 32-bit embedded development.

  • April 18 – Day 1: Microchip 32-Bit ‘101’
    This kickoff class will lay down a solid PIC32MX/PIC32MZ foundation. We will perform some hands-on examination of Microchip’s 32-bit hardware. With the help of MPLAB X and XC32, we will write C routines to exercise the microcontrollers’ peripherals and GPIO.
  • April 19 – Day 2: USB the PIC32 Way
    The PIC32MX and PIC32MZ microcontrollers have the necessary hardware and firmware support to create host and downstream USB embedded devices. This class will focus on developing practical USB devices from the Microchip MCUs.
  • April 20 – Day 3: A Potpourri of microSD
    In this session, we will create a 32-bit microSD-equipped device based on the PIC32MX microcontroller. We will balance the microSD equation by implementing a microSD solution on a PIC32MZ-based Digilent Wi-Fire development platform.
  • April 21 – Day 4: 32-bit Ethernet and WiFi
    Mag Jacks and WiFi radios rule today. We will discuss and examine various ways to implement 802.3 and 802.11 communication links using the PIC32MX microcontroller.
  • April 22 – Day 5: 32-bit Electronic Crayons
    This final class will take us off the beaten path of graphics interface development. We will discard the complex proprietary graphics tools that are normally associated with embedded graphics design. Instead, we will build a robust full-color, touch-enabled graphics interface using a PIC32MX microcontroller, a tricky touch-enabled display and Photoshop.



  • Global Wind Market Report Launch
  • Successful SoC Implementation of USB Type-C and DisplayPort Alt Mode
  • How Resourceful Engineers Get More Out of Their Waveform Generators
  • Top Threat Predictions for IOT and Protecting the Connected


  • The new 1200V CoolSiC™ Schottky Diode Generation 5 – for a new level of system efficiency and reliability
  • Identify and Eliminate Crosstalk from Your Designs Using Oscilloscopes
  • Sensor Systems Integration Made Efficient and Affordable
  • How to Monetize the Smart Home


  • Discover the Power of the Mixed Signal Oscilloscope (MSO)
  • Worn down by Fatigue? Improving Product life with Autodesk Nastran In-CAD


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