Webcast de hoje; Testing Wireless Power Transfer Designs

Caro(a) Colega,

o destaque de hoje é o webcast sobre como testar projetos de transferência de energia sem fio. Confira a seguir a resenha sobre o treinamento:

Why this webcast is important:
Charging battery-operated devices from something as small as a smart watch to as large as an electric-powered bus have traditionally been accomplished with charging cables and AC/DC power adapters of various sizes. However, battery-operated devices are quickly becoming untethered today with the rapid adoption of wireless charging technology. There are two major wireless charging technologies based on either magnetic induction or magnetic resonance. Products based on either or both of these technologies must meet stringent standards.

During this webcast you will first briefly learn about the key differences between these two wireless charging technologies. But the focus of this webcast will be on how to test your products with the latest tools including oscilloscopes and network analyzers to help ensure that your wireless charging designs not only meet minimum compliance and interoperability standards, but also achieve maximum power transfer performance and efficiency.

Who should view this webcast:
Design and test engineers of wireless charging designs.




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