Webcast de hoje: Replace Mechanical Buttons with Texas Instruments’ MSP MCUs Featuring CapTIvate™ Technology

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o webcast de hoje é sobre como substituir botões mecânicos pela tecnologia CapTIvate™.

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Designers developing industrial equipment are increasingly in need of simple interfaces that can tolerate harsh operating environments subject to noise, dirt and liquids which can interfere with the reliable operation of mechanical buttons. Capacitive touch technology offers a cost-effective alternative to mechanical buttons across industrial and commercial applications. With a touch-based user interface (UI), an appliance can be protected by a seamless metal or plastic enclosure. Texas Instruments’ MSP MCUs with CapTIvate technology are the industry’s lowest power capacitive touch MCUs, making this family ideal for implementing interfaces in devices such as battery-operated electronic locks, portable electronics and appliances with ENERGY STAR® requirements.

Attend this webinar, co-hosted by Arrow Electronics & Texas Instruments, to learn about the features that provide robust and reliable performance in noisy and harsh environments. The high sensitivity of MSP MCUs with CapTIvate technology allows the use of thick overlays to protect equipment and can be used with metal panels to implement metal-on-touch capacitive buttons. This webinar will discuss the showcase the differentiation and benefits of MSP MCUs featuring CapTIvate technology, and provide a demo for using the CapTIvate Design Center to start tuning sensors in five minutes or less.

Pradhyum Ramkumar, Product Marketing Engineer, MSP microcontrollers, Texas Instruments

Brandon Lewis, OpenSystems Media






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