Treinamentos para a próxima semana

Publicado: 18 de junho de 2016 em Webinários e Cursos
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a próxima semana  vem recheada de muitos treinamentos. Aproveite!




consulte sempre um engenheiro eletrônico




20 a 24/06/2016 – Curso: Embedded Development with Microchip’s New 8-bit Microcontrollers

This lecture series, taught by Fred Eady, will focus on building embedded applications using Microchip’s latest 8-bit software and hardware development tools. Hardware solutions presented in each lecture session will be supported by Microchip’s MPLAB X IDE and XC8 C compiler. Each lecture will feature a mix of the latest Microchip 8-bit development tools and newly announced 8-bit PIC microcontrollers.

  • June 20 – Day 1: 8-bit Embedded Development Essentials
    Today’s lecture will lay the groundwork for developing 8-bit PIC microcontroller applications using MPLAB X, XC8 and the new Curiosity Development Board. Code produced during this lecture will configure and enable peripherals and GPIO on the targeted 8-bit PIC devices.
  • June 21 – Day 2: 8-bit Embedded Development Using the MPLAB Code Configurator
    The MPLAB Code Configurator is a graphical programming environment that is integrated into MPLAB X. C source code generated by the MPLAB Code Configurator can be inserted into an 8-bit PIC application. In this lecture, we will use the Explorer 8 Development Kit to demonstrate the capabilities of the MPLAB Code Configurator.
  • June 22 – Day 3: 8-bit Bluetooth via the RN4020
    Sensors attached to the PICDEM Lab II Development Board rule the day. During the course of this lecture we will employ the services of the RN4020 Bluetooth Low Energy Module to bounce sensor data around in a Bluetooth PAN. We will also instruct the 8-bit PIC in charge to coerce our RN4020 device into interfacing with a mobile device.
  • June 23 – Day 4: 8-bit Super PICs
    Today will be dedicated to exercising the advanced features of the enhanced 8-bit PIC microcontroller family. These new 8-bit Super PICs are equipped with advanced analog computational capabilities and core independent peripherals. We will combine the forces of MPLAB X, XC8 and the Microchip Code Configurator to put the peripherals through their paces.
  • June 24 – Day 5: Ethernet Connectivity Using PIC18 Devices
    The PIC18 family of 8-bit devices includes a group Ethernet PIC microcontrollers. The object of today’s lecture is to use a 2 Development Board to send packets over the internet. TCP and UDP protocols will be examined and put to work via code generated by the XC8 C compiler.



  • Keys to Effective Embedded Software Development and Supporting Tools and Processes
  • Securing the networks and servers in the IoT’s nervous system
  • Beating Back the Heat: Solving Thermal Management Challenges in Military Electronics
  • From Engineer to Entrepreneur: Simulation Apps in Additive Manufacturing
  • So you think developing an ARM®-based IoT chip needs to be complex or expensive? Think again.



  • Design a Cloud Connected IoT Gateway with Security Protection
  • How to create a cloud-connected sensor with TI LaunchPad™ development kits & the PubNub cloud
  • Discover the STM32 with a free 32-bit Cortex-M0/0+ MCU Professional Developer’s Package
  • IoT Mass Market Adoption



  • Scaling IoT Applications – IoT Panel Discussion



  • Integration of Wireless Radio Modules in Lighting Products


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