Webcast de hoje: Meet the Experts: ARM TrustZone – understanding system security

Caro(a) Colega,

o webcast de hoje é sobre sistemas de segurança para IoT e arquitetura TrustZone da ARM. Confira a resenha:

Hackers need to exploit just one vulnerability to wreak havoc, we need to find them all.

Trust and security need to tackle multi dimensional problems, which are requiring multiple techniques to address the range of potential security attacks in the embedded marketplace and Internet of Things. ARM is hosting a series of webinar on these exciting subjects with our experts demonstrating how to implement a security solution that is right for your design.


Chris Shore, Training Manager, ARM
Peter Rielly, Application Engineer, ARM

This webinar will give an overview of the TrustZone architecture as implemented in ARMv8-A systems and then introduce the new TrustZone for ARMv8-M architecture aimed at microcontrollers and deeply embedded systems.





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