Treinamentos para a próxima semana

Publicado: 21 de agosto de 2016 em Webinários e Cursos
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confira os treinamentos programados para a próxima semana.




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22 a 26/08/2016 – Build a Powerful IoT Network with the PHOTON Board – A Hands-on Course

 A number of small, inexpensive Wi-Fi node boards are available for building IoT (Internet of Things) networks, but most have proprietary processor cores, limiting the development environments that are available. An exception is the PHOTON board, which incorporates an ST MicroSTM32F205RGY6 120Mhz ARM Cortex M3 with 1MB flash, 128KB RAM with a Broadcom BCM43362 802.11b/g/n Wi-Fi chip — all in a small board for around $20. In this course, taught by Charles Lord, we will explore this versatile little board and demonstrate programming it to build some useful networks.

  • August 22 – Day 1: Introduction to Particle PHOTON Board
    In this leadoff class, we will look at the structure of the PHOTON board – its architecture, the chips used, and the features built into the board. We will also look at the infrastructure that the manufacturer has established for the board and that we will use for the remainder of the week.
  • August 23 – Day 2: Starting to Use PHOTON
    For our second class, we will download the smartphone app for the board and learn about basic commissioning and testing of the board. We will perform some basic functions using the sample applications available in the maker domain.
  • August 24 – Day 3: Azure and the Cloud
    For our third class, we will delve into the use of the cloud for our IoT applications for the PHOTON by setting up a simple and free Azure account and teaching our board to talk to it.
  • August 25 – Day 4: Programming the PHOTON Board Online
    In this penultimate class, we will take what we learned so far and write some beginning code using the free online Integrated Development Environment (IDE), as well as a version that can run on our own computers. We will then look at ways that we can use the node in our local Internet of Things.
  • August 26 – Day 5: Advanced Coding
    Now that we have written some code using the online and simple IDE tools, we will look at using some familiar IDEs and writing ‘bare metal’ and even RTOS-based code for the STM chip on our PHOTON board.



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