Webcast de hoje: Software: The Lifeblood of Any Medical Device

Publicado: 6 de dezembro de 2016 em Webinários e Cursos
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o webcast de hoje é sobre como o software constitui a energia vital dos equipamentos médicos. Confira a resenha:

Software plays a pivotal role in the operation of life-critical medical devices, so much so that software can be thought of as the lifeblood of a medical device. Make the right choice and your real-time operating system (RTOS), HMI and custom hardware will work in perfect unison. A poor choice of software platform and your device may need a total transfusion.
BlackBerry QNX and ICS have been working together on medical devices for years, developing custom Qt-based solutions on a wide range of products. From patient monitoring to medical imaging and infusion pumps, we have the experience to help our clients develop the robust systems they want– on time, on budget, and with the upmost in reliable performance.

We will examine the software platforms of choice for medical device manufacturers and explain how you can employ the inherent benefits of safe and secure designs, faster time to market, easier pre-market approval, and lower total cost of ownership in your medical device project.

Attend this webinar to learn about:

  • Market trends: Issues medical device manufacturers face today
  • Total cost of ownership challenges: including the challenges of certifying a medical device based on an open source operating system and associated life-cycle costs.
  • Achieving real time controls system performance and a fluid user experience using BlackBerry QNX and Qt
  • Creating a modern and customizable HMI: tips on delivering an impressive, natural and safe user experience





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