Webcast de amanhã: Characterizing and Modeling Switch Mode Power Supplies

Publicado: 14 de março de 2017 em Webinários e Cursos
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o webcast de amanhã é sobre a caracterização e modelamento de fontes chaveadas. Confira a resenha:

Why this Webcast is Important:
Whether your power supply designs are based on switch mode or linear technology, there are many reasons why you should characterize the frequency response of your power supply designs. Two reasons are to better to understand the stability and noise immunity under various load change conditions based on an existing design. Another good reason is to gain the missing information required to create or improve a simulation model which can then be used to simulate operation under different design conditions, including worst-case tolerances. During this webcast, you will learn how to do the following:

-Perform a PSRR measurement using an oscilloscope.
-Perform a Control Loop Response measurement (Bode gain & phase) using an oscilloscope.
-Determine the PWM ramp and current sense resistance using these measurements.
-Construct an accurate simulation model for optimization and worst-case tolerance assessment.





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