Webcast de amanhã – IIoT Webcast One: Get Your Head into the Cloud

Publicado: 12 de abril de 2017 em Webinários e Cursos
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o webcast de amanhã é sobre a Internet Industrial das Coisas e como utilizar novas tecnologias para processar a infinidade de dados que é gerada pelos dispositivos inteligentes. Confira a resenha:

Automation technologies are converging with information technologies. To handle growing volumes of data generated by IIoT-enabled devices, companies will need powerful data processing capability. Cloud-based environments transform how process-automation projects are engineered and instantiated, replacing client/server. 

This Webcast focuses on how emergent IIoT technologies change the way process and automation engineers execute projects and sustain productivity in today’s, and tomorrow’s, cyber-physical world.

Learning Objectives: 

  • Gain familiarity with engineering vocabulary related to industrial Cloud and IIoT
  • Discover how IT-based standards are changing the automation world
  • Examine user case examples of IIoT and the Cloud

Featured Speaker: Abhijit Jog, founder, Panacea Technologies Inc.  

Abhijit Jog is the founder of Panacea Technologies and has over 25 years of Process Control Experience. With a Master’s in Electrical Engineering from NJIT, Abhijit has always been on the forefront of automation technology and network security. He helped design the automation and SCADA system for the largest Biotech processing plant in the country, and continues to impact the industry through Panacea Technologies.

Moderator: Me, Kevin Parker, senior contributing editor and moderator, CFE Media 

Sponsored by: B+B SmartWorx, Littelfuse, Oracle + NetSuite, Rittal

Click here to register for the first Webcast in the 2017 IIoT series. We look forward to seeing you on April 13th!




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