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ainda dá tempo de participar do concurso – Connect What MattersDell and Intel IoT Contest for the new intelligent Dell Edge Gateway. As inscrições estão abertas até o dia 31/03/2016. O primeiro prêmio é de US$ 150.000,00 entre dinheiro e recursos. O que você está esperando? Corra!!!

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Dell and Intel IoT Contest for the new intelligent Dell Edge Gateway

Internet of Things (IoT) is about to revolutionize the way customers are interacting with your company. You are probably thinking about IoT and trying to figure out how your customers purchase and use your products, what product features they value most and how you can make their experience better. What about pushing the envelope and getting funding for your IoT project?Dell and Intel invite you to take part in the program that can help you bring IoT solutions to market faster and get the support along the way – Internet of Things Contest: Connect What Matters.There is a truly impressive prize fund – 16 awards worth $600,000 in total value. We are looking for business-focused submissions that incorporate our newly launched Dell Edge Gateway.

We accept submissions on various use-cases.

The deadline to submit an application is March 31. Register now!

Learn more about Dell IoT Solutions and Dell Edge Gateways

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abaixo os destaques de treinamento dessa quinzena. Não deixe de conferir a agenda de cursos da ABNT.



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06/02/2013 – New FPGA-based Prototyping Solution: HAPS-70 Series — Best Practices for Reducing Time-to-Prototype and Increasing Performance

This webinar will be 60 minutes. It is intended for all designers who are either already prototyping their ASIC design or are considering prototyping their next ASIC design. Learn about best practices and new HAPS-70 system technology that will increase the productivity of FPGA-based prototypes for software development, hardware/software integration and system validation.



07/02/2013 – USB 2.0 Compliance Testing

The USB 2.0 standard is widely deployed in both computer and embedded systems. Compliance testing for this standard includes signal integrity as well as a number of low-level protocol tests. This session will provide an overview of the test requirements for USB 2.0 compliance and provide background on each test case. Details of fixtures and signal integrity requirements will be discussed in detail.

Rohde & Schwarz


07/02/2013 – Enabling Open Source Firmware Solutions for Intel® Architecture

Intel has created the Intel® Firmware Support Package (Intel® FSP) to further satisfy the versatile needs of the Intel® Intelligent Systems ecosystem, which creates products covering a wide range of system designs beyond PC architecture with the Intel® Atom™ and Intel® Core™ processors. With Intel FSP, customers can create and develop innovative products using any suitable firmware boot loader solutions in the market.



12/02/2013 – Success with Machine Vision Software

What You’ll Learn:

  • How software represents images
  • How the concepts of color space, frequency domain, and image compression are made operational
  • How image analysis works
  • How these principles are applied and uses of each software tool discussed

Vision Systems Design


12/02/2013 – Focusing on Traceability in Software Development for Safe Medical Devices

Traceability is key to the success of medical device approval, and yet too often it tends to be a background task. This webinar explains why making traceability the focal point of your development efforts from the beginning of development and throughout the project lifecycle can help ensure that the collation of evidence becomes second nature rather than a secondary overhead. Join QNX Software Systems and LDRA for this web seminar as we offer insights using examples from our experience with safe systems, not only in the medical devices sector, but also in other fields.

QNX Software Systems


12/02/2013 – Eliminating Errors and Improving Accuracy in Motion Control and Machine Systems
How to improve accuracy throughout motion control and machine systems via the proper selection and use of encoders to achieve precise position feedback and consistent finished part accuracy.



13/02/2013 – Oscilloscope Techniques for Precisely Measuring Small Signals

Why this webcast is important:
Do you need your oscilloscope to view increasingly smaller electronic signals and/or additional signal detail? Interest is growing in viewing small current and voltage signals. Measurement of very small signals and additional signal detail can be challenging due to both noise of the scope, scope settings, and probing. If you need your scope to precisely view signals as small as a few millivolts or milliamps, or need higher dynamic range measurements to see additional signal detail, this webinar is for you. Learn what scope settings enable you to reduce noise and increase vertical resolution. Explore the relationship between bits of resolution and noise for scopes with 8 and 12 bits of resolution. Get up to speed on new probing technologies that enable scopes to see currents as small as 50 uA.

Agilent Electronic Design


14/02/2013 – Securing Intelligent Systems

From cars to smartphones to the factory floor, security threats are an unavoidable side effect of the connectivity powering the Internet of Things. OEMs and enterprises can no longer afford to have security be a post deployment afterthought. Careful design planning and judicious solution selection are becoming increasingly critical at all stages of the device lifecycle. Please join us for this panel discussion as we explore best practices for secure device development and deployment as well as the steps organizations can take to transform security risk mitigation into a new channel for differentiation and profit.


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oportunidade como essa, não aparece todo dia… Confira a programação completa no link abaixo:

26 a 30/11/2012 – Intelligent Embedded Systems for the New Era of Industrial Apps – Sponsored by Intel

(Curso gratuito online)




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